DIY: Lip balm for pouty lips!!

If there’s one thing I love, its trying out different products, home remedies and pretty much anything new to groom myself.. So when I found out that I could make my own lip plumping lip balm from the ingredients straight out of my kitchen, I knew I HAD to try it out.

So here’s what I did, I made the lip balm, used it for a few days just to see if there were any (not so pretty) side effects before I posted it here.

Here’s what you will need to make the lip balm: 1 tub of Vaseline (or any plain petroleum jelly), a bottle of Cinnamon Oil extract, a clean empty jar, a clean Ice cream stick.


Method: Scoop out some Vaseline with the Ice cream stick and add it into the new jar, make sure you don’t fill it to the brim. Then add about 15-20 drops of the Cinnamon extract oil, using the ice-cream stick and mix it in till the cinnamon oil is evenly mixed into the Vaseline. The mixture will have a light yellow color when its done.


Usage: Use this balm in the night before bed and once in the morning. Please remember, it burns for the first 15 or 20 seconds…  Like really really burns. And after 20 seconds, the burning stops and you can instantly see that your lips look plumped up and more red.


NOTE: DO NOT use this too frequently because it dries up your lips, cinnamon oil can be very strong, Use this balm once or twice a day… and at other times use a good lip balm to keep your lips well moisturized and hydrated (Don’t worry, it’ll still have the bee stung effect). Make sure you supplement it with a good diet that will help keep your lips hydrated as well, I prefer to eat a lot of plain yogurt.

Hope you try it and love it as much as I do… More DIY projects coming up…

Leave a comment with your suggestions…

Happy Pretty Weekend!! ❤



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