To the seconds…

As 2014 draws to a close I can’t help but take stock of my life. And from where I sit, its a pretty sweet picture. A family who loves me to bits, a great job, good health, good friends all around, and lot of happy thoughts!!

Growing up my Christmas wishlist would run to pages with toys and trinkets, but now I feel like I’m more grown up, and I can buy all the toys and trinkets I want so all that’s there on my wishlist this year is, as always, love!!

Friends of mine or even people who know me at all, know that I am a girl in love, I love the feeling, I love being in love, I love reading about it, listening to songs about it, dreaming about it and most importantly writing about it. I feel like all my best comes from this feeling!

I know everyone is enamored with “first love”, to me my second love is more precious, the man who made me fall in love when I believed it was impossible to feel it ever again, see that’s what a heart break does… The second love took me by surprise, I’m sure anyone who has ever felt it knows this to be true!

“Whats so damned great about love??” or “you’re just naive” or “you’re just a starry eyed dreamer” “why do you still love him?” some of my skeptic friends say…

To them, all I can say is, You can’t help it, when its bigger than you! You can’t help who your heart chooses.

Mad crazy love, it’s this crazy, irrational feeling of love for someone, not being able to stop thinking about them, I don’t mean at 2 in the night where obviously one is lonely but at moments of chaos where you’re doing a million different things but you still can’t stop thinking about this person and can’t help but smile. knowing very well that it could break your heart but you couldn’t care less cause that love makes you feel like you’re whole, even if you didn’t even know you were missing something!!!

Its not ONLY in the grand gestures, its in the little moments every day that often go overlooked. Its not always about a happy ending, it about letting yourself feel in the present moment, for now is reality. Its not always the firsts, its the second ones that give you hope that the first ones broke.. My ONLY hope for all the people around me is that you get to feel this way. Even if only once, maybe it’ll be forever, Even if you feel it for the second time, you’ll know its twice as more!!

To my second, my love, this post is all because of you.. Thank you for making me a better writer.. I love you… ❤



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