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New years resolutions 2015 <3

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Another year has come and passed, and as I’m counting down to the cinder Ella hour, I can’t help but take stock, recount my favourite memories, the people, the places, the sights, the sounds, the moments!! It’s been a good year and like all good things this too must come to an end.

2015 will be even more wonderful, I can just feel it!!

I’m sitting here thinking of what all I want to change (read: improve)  and this is what I’ve come up with, my new years resolutions for 2015 are:

1. To practice the perfect #RestingBitchFace

2. To improve my eyebrow game, cause this is so not doing it for me anymore 😛

3. Travel at least once in three months, and not just in and around the city!!

4. Figure out how I can get myself to Iceland and do it!!

And lastly and most importantly,
5. Get my dream body (read Eva Longoria in desperate housewives season 1)

2014, we had a good run!!  2015, a year for living awesomely, here I come!! ❤

Until next year, stay grateful and stay fabulous!!



Author: Effloresce23

I'm blessed, grateful and happy.

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