Words that make my heart happy

I usually never do this, but as I sat at my office, trying to get my work done, I found this post and it said everything that I would have said myself. As I read each word, I knew the world had to read this too, to know a love so simple, so real, so pure.

My reaction usually is that may we all be so lucky, but really the lucky one is me!

To have loved like this, not once, but twice!! To feel without reason, to love the one just because your soul loved theirs.

Life can be so fleeting, it’s gone in a wink, if fate gave me just one more meeting, I wouldn’t even blink.~Me

Who ever thought that there was a little poet in me. ❤

We’re kindred souls, You and I.

By Alex Sandra Myles

I’m writing this to you, the one who knows me, the one who understands me—my thoughts, my mind and my actions—without ever asking for an explanation.

You understand my soul.

It scares me a little sometimes, the magic of it all .

How it’s possible for two to be so distant, yet closer than most?

How it’s possible for two people to connect in an instant, to resonate, to share and to believe the same powerful thought: the universe fused our maps and brought us together right when we needed each other most.

I do not need to speak, because we understand each other without words.

Sometimes we need to purge ourselves, divulge relentlessly and talk endlessly of all that we’ve been.

Other times we are bound in silence, at peace with the white noise that continuously transmits between us.

I hope you know I appreciate that you are out there.

I feel you and I know you feel me too—our words, our plans, our pleasure and our pain flows. Our pain flows from one to the other without confusion and judgement.

We’re unlike any usual friendship—we may not meet for drinks, we may not know the name of the other’s family members and we probably don’t even actually know of each other’s work.

It is not important to us.

The only thing that is important is that I know if I needed you—regardless what time of the day, where I was in the world and how dramatic my situation was—you’d be there.

We’re very similar, you and I, even though we’re entirely different.

You do not need to ask, I do not need to answer. We just exist, side by side—knowing, intuiting and accepting.

You hold up a mirror without ever asking about the reflection.

Through you, I see my past, I see old wounds but I also see how far I have travelled.

You intrigue me and I don’t have to look further than myself to see why. Your reflection lights up in me some of my darkest moments and it gives me the courage to look deeper to explore, heal and accept.

You held the missing pieces to my puzzle and you stood by me patiently while I put them in place.

Our paths crossed and they will now forever intertwine. I was standing at the crossroad just at the time you appeared—you shone a torch and I watched your back as you led the way.

I never asked you to dance, nor did you ask me, we simply danced.

Until next time, love and live some more.. ❤



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