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The one truth about art is that it outlives the artist, perhaps that’s one of the reasons some of us write. I was quite young when I heard this song and I fell in love with it, the words made me cry, and at the time I didn’t know who Selena was, about her rise to success and glory which was tragically cut short. This song was part of my growing up in different stages of adolescence, of first crush, first love, second crush, and then some. Even today, this song puts me to tears, not only because the words are still relatable, but because sometimes the greats are given so little time. To imagine the impact she would have had, the words she couldn’t write, the songs we won’t get to hear and carry with us through the decades, it truly is our loss..

20 years after, you are loved and your music is celebrated. And all i have to say is Thank you!

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