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Its been a while since I had the heart to write, not because of any writer’s block or any other intellectually appealing reasons, it was because I have been dealing with my own personal angst, of rejections that came from sources I didn’t expect, it was because I was too confused, and blindsided to see the reality for what it was, it was because I knew that anything I write would’ve spewed venom, and hatred and that does nothing for my soul. (or my blog)

The problem, I am beginning to realize, is me. Not cause anything is wrong with me (um hello!), but with the way that I assume that ever one I encounter is exactly like me, with my big heart that I wear so proudly on our sleeves, perhaps because I don’t know to be any other way.

So what does one do to get out of this state…. I’m still figuring it out, as each day passes, but so far the only note that I know to be true is that….. I am enough.. And for now, that is enough.

Next post will be sooner.. I promise.. 🙂

Until then.. Stay safe..


P.S.- My beloved blog turned 2 years old on the 2nd of November, so Belated Happy Birthday mi corazon.