A bit of grief

I read something yesterday that I can’t stop thinking about, and that is that grief is good…. Yes, you read that right, this was part of a new-agey site which talks about spiritual, mindful living, the kind of stuff that I love so much. And I thought this HAS to be a click bait, but I continued to read it anyway, just to see how grief (of all things in the world!) can be a good thing.

And as it turns out, that article made a lot of sense to me. Sometimes, as we grow older (I know I speak for myself), we bottle up, and keep our grief to ourselves, perhaps because we don’t want to acknowledge it, or because it IS painful, or because we don’t want to bother others with our sob stories. Whatever be the reason, when unacknowledged, grief tends to fester, and grow quietly, until it just explodes and messes up everything in its way.

So here is my intention for 2016 (and I sincerely hope that the best is yet to come), it is start the new year with a clean slate, if this means that I use the rest of the days of 2015 to grieve, to really feel and release the grief that has been slowly consuming me, and keeping me in a state of constant fear, so be it.

And lets face it, 2015 has been a toughie. Its taken every ounce of strength out of some of us, and brought us to our knees, its been a year of lessons, self-awareness and much more, its also been highly dramatic, and exhausting. Which makes me wonder if maybe the tears that haven’t been shed, the thoughts that haven’t been allowed to linger, and the feelings that have been sternly kept in check, need to be released, before any real breakthrough can happen.

So, if you can relate to my words, please know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Perhaps we all have parts of us that are broken, and when touched by love, it throws up a kaleidoscope of colors that is brilliant!

Its time to give in to a bit of grief, let it go, and give yourself the permission to be free.


Image Source: Google Images

I know that Christmas season is all about joy, and celebration, but there won’t be much room for it when we hold on so dearly to all these other things. So go ahead and have the happiest of holidays, that is my only wish for you.

Happy Holidays, and may all that you wish for be yours.

Until next time.



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