Countdown to 2016

With 5 days left in 2015, the countdown has begun in my head. And unlike most years, this year I don’t feel like making any new years resolutions. Instead I will choose to recount certain things that feel like notable moments of 2015, and set intentions for 2016..

2015 has been a mixed bag, with plenty of tough lessons, and in the bigger scheme of things, I guess its feels like the year that has me passing through fire, only to come out on the other side as a more polished version of myself…

Certain notable moments have definitely been, making peace with certain facts about life, getting contact lenses, learning to swim, making a real attempt at a long distance relationship, dealing with rejection, rebuilding my self-confidence, and realizing that I am not as cynical as I thought myself to be, not blogging as much as I would’ve liked, rekindling my love affair with photography, and painting, and many more.

My intentions for the coming year are:

  • To be more deliberate with my actions, whatever they may be, not get swayed or influenced by circumstance, but be deliberate about how I react, maybe just slow down, so I can be more present in the moment.
  • To be more mindful about my role in various relationships. And just generally be mindful with my own self.
  • To stop being my own harshest critic, instead just be a little kinder to myself and the people around me.
  • To say no without an explanation or an apology, to things that does nothing to make me feel good.

2016, there’s no plan as such, but the hope is that it’ll be a great ride.

Let me know what your intentions are for 2016..

Until next time..



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