Too busy…

One of the most frequently used excuses by most people is that they’re “Too busy” for something… Well, that is never entirely true. This is coming from a person whose favorite line starts with “life’s too short…”, and even I don’t think anyone can possibly be “too busy”. We all have 24 hours a day, and the same number of days a week/ month/ year.

I feel perplexed when I hear this excuse, because no one is EVER too busy, if they really wanted to do something. Life is almost always about priorities, about balancing between urgent and important, about doing things that give our lives meaning.

Most times, I also find that life can be brutally ironic, we often spend the “now” coveting the things we don’t have, instead of cherishing what we do, in the present moment. For example, I know of so many friends of mine who are in serious relationships/ married, who look at single folks with major envy, and vice versa. Perhaps it is this that makes us believe we are too busy. Instead of this, can you image all the time we would have to just change our own lives for the better…

Unfortunately, I have been guilty of this as well. Claiming to be too busy, to get out of certain social situations. But I should remember to not get so busy being busy, that I’m left with no time to live my life..

And as I prepare to bid adieu to yet another year tonight, I will make myself a promise to not use this, lame excuse (let’s be honest, it is super lame!!) anymore, and instead try and design a life that sparks joy in my life, as well as the ones around me.

Giving up a habit, can be a challenge, but tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, and a new year. A year to perhaps, refine ourselves and get another chance to live with grace.

So whatever it is that you think you’re too busy for, why not give it a good consideration before tossing it in the never ending pile of things to do Someday.. Who knows, it could change your life!!! (as it most certainly will :))

With that, I think that’s about enough from me for today. Time to wear your best clothes, pop open the bubbly, and get ready to kiss 2015 goodbye, and greet the shiny new year..


Pic Source: Google Images

Take care, and don’t get too busy till we meet again… 🙂



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