On time…


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The most common thing that features in my everyday life is my schedule, and being a lawyer, tracking how I spend time is one of the first things I was taught. What does TIME really mean, I see clocks everywhere, on my computer, my phone, on the wall in front of me, and even on my wrist.. At any point, I always have a way to know the time or day or year it is..

Yes I know that our time here is finite, and yes, I also know that there is no way to turn back time. yet, there are things in my everyday life that I find myself procrastinating.. I’m not talking about big, earth shattering decisions that generally tend to be given a later spot in the list of priorities (lets face it, it can be daunting), it is even in the little things, for example, if I have to review 2 contracts for the day, and I have scheduled one for each half of the day, I usually start by making a detailed list of ALL the things that have to get done in each half of the day.. And mentally earmark time slots for each of these activities. And right from the start, I have an idea of how my day will go. So much so, that at a recent interview, I claimed that time management was one of my biggest strengths.

Because of this system, on most days, I can be the most efficient person ever, but on other days, I find myself pushing the task to the next time slot just because I’m missed the mark of starting that activity by about 10 minutes… I feel like this throws me off balance, and messes with the things that I would like to accomplish for the day. If there is one thing I hate, it is to miss deadlines.

Having said that, I often wonder how this doesn’t bother me as much as it should for the big (read: world shattering) things in my life. I mean obviously I know that there are certain things I would like to accomplish during my time here. Like start my own business and successfully run it (for a long time), take up teaching, write more, travel more, etc… And yet, I haven’t really made a plan on getting these things done, and for a list maker such as myself, that is surprising!

As days turn into weeks turn into months turn into years turn into decades, in certain aspects I feel stuck, like I’m way behind schedule. And I need to stop procrastinating and at least make a plan for myself.

Which reminds me of one of the most obscure conversations I’ve had with one of my former clients which also turned out to be one of the most insightful, was about the secret to success, and he (an accomplished businessman) said that the secret to success is the ability to make quick decisions, because life will always snowball choices at you before even you’re ready, and sometimes the choices come your way only once.

So having the ability to just go with it, and not procrastinate, is one of THE BIGGEST revelations yet.

If the right time isn’t now, then when? If I keep preparing for something and never actually do it, being ready or feeling “ready”for something may never actually happen, unless I take the damn leap and do everything that I seem to keep putting off..

Life will keep passing us by, and in that lies its beauty. Its like a moment that has passed by will never return, and no amount of money in the world can buy back the moments that have turned into memories.

Now is literally all we can be certain of… So here’s my Note to Self: If its worth doing, just do it already.

Until next time..

Tick Tock.



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