Art: January 2016

Lately my weekend plans involve painting, photography, reading, writing, yoga and a LOT of dancing, I’m definitely not complaining, cause there are a few of my favorite things to do.

Most of the things I have painted this year are gifts for friends, which makes me really happy that something that I have created gets a new home, and new love from my favorite people.. Just so I don’t forget when these were made, the plan is to chronicle everything I make on here as well… So here’s what I did in January 2016.

Week 1 (03 January, 2016)


Week 2 (09 January, 2016)


Week 3-ish (20 January 2016)


Week 4 (23 January, 2016)


So that pretty much wraps up the month of January for me, painting-wise at least.. There is still one short work week, one holiday and one weekend left before 1/12th of 2016 is done and over with.

Seriously, I wish it were possible to slow down time just a little, so I can savor these moments a LOT more… Greedy me! 🙂

Hope your 2016 has also been eventful so far..

Until next time..



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