Too busy…

In 20+ years of my existence, I have often been fascinated with Time. The concept of time is as man made as this computer, on which I am currently typing this post.

To me, one of the biggest insults is when I feel like my time has been wasted, because if there’s one thing I hate, its wastage (of anything). Wasting reflects disregard. You waste only those things that you hold in utter contempt, so when I feel like my time has been wasted, it is one of the (very) few things that actually me angry.

I digress, so many times I hear friends telling me they are “too busy” to meet, or coworkers use it to assert that they can’t handle any more work because they are “too busy”, I hear it from practically everyone, and it makes me wonder – since I consciously refrain from using this phrase unless I really AM busy (which is only at work) – am I the only one who is “not busy”? Am i doing enough with my time here, am I being too complacent about life, etc.

Time is an illusion, it has the ability to make believe that we have forever, like we are going to be around until the very end, and the only reality is NOW.

So all I have to say is this, try not to hide under the cloak of being “too busy”, try not to waste someone else’s time while you are “too busy” prioritizing everything else in your life, and later don’t begrudge that same someone when they have moved on. You see, time does that, it makes you move on along with it. We are hardly the same people we were yesterday, and so are our priorities.

Our time here is transient, thank god for that!

Unsure of how to conclude this post, I will leave you with my favorite Quote from the Buddha.


 Until next time,

Have fun and be safe.



3 thoughts on “Too busy…

  1. People really overuse that phrase don’t they. Just like “I am sooooo tired!” I thought I knew tired from a life of little sleep and the military… till I raised two children. lol 😉

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