The illusion of connectivity

I have always joked that in my house we are majorly outnumbered by technology. We are 3 people with 4 phones, 2 tablets, 2 e-reader devices, 2 televisions, 4 laptops, 4 power banks, and countless number of chargers and wires and many many more things that I can’t even remember or think about right now.

There are plenty of times I have noticed when all of us are in the same room, but apparently not in the same world, each one on different social media getting “liked” by people in other rooms who are oblivious to the presence of people in the rooms they are in.


Its always been a love-hate between me and technology. While I love that it makes a lot of things easy, like looking for information, sharing news, communicating in real time, quick and easy ways to share your thoughts with people across the world, reconnecting with friends you’ve lost touch with, share your talent, start a business, shop, and many more, but the downside is definitely the illusion of connectivity.

When did it become enough to “like” a photo or adding a comment under a post instead of a genuine conversation. The 21st century, that’s when! šŸ˜‰ Sometimes I feel we live in a world that is over connected and completely disconnected.

A lot of people know me ONLY on social media, which is maybe 2% (or less) of the RL me, because for the most part I’m here only for pictures of puppies, baby elephants and high heels.. šŸ˜€

Its a little sad that we all have hundreds or even thousands of friends and followers on social media and barely a handful of people to hang out with in real life. When did the illusion take over and make us believe this is enough?

I obviously get the irony of this post, and the fact that it is being shared on the same social media that I seem to be dissing, and obviously perpetuating the same illusion I’m writing about. (I get it)

But my “radical” idea for this weekend is to actually unplug and do something real, paint or read a book which is made of paper, dance till my legs grow tired, and maybe (just maybe, if I’m really lucky) have a real conversation with another person who has also unplugged, about everything and nothing, and just sit on the rooftop and watch the world speed away underneath.

Some of my favorite moments have no digital footprints, they have been moments which were shared when no one thought to “check-in” or take photos or post a clever post, but will definitely be remembered longer. Conversations which didn’t involve typing into a little box, where expressions did not need punctuation marks. Conversations which were actually heard, the light in our eyes bright enough to light up the world, holding hands and noticing the veins that run through our hands, or the watches or jewelry, or the painted nails. Singing out loud, (even better) being serenaded *sigh* or dancing like no one was watching (there’s a good chance no one was, everyone was glued to their phones). oh they were really real, those moments may not have gotten any likes, but they sure as hell got a lot of love.

Until next time.. Enjoy the illusion, I know I will šŸ˜‰



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