Life Lessons – On being gracious

Sometimes life sends you moments that test your patience to the core. This past week, I attended a destination wedding and encountered the most atrocious behavior from the host himself.

The incident itself was – catching the father of the bride roll his eyes at me when I was talking to the groom and the father of the groom – this may not seem like a big deal to most, but to me (someone who rarely attends large family functions, simply because I feel like life is too short to waste it on formalities and hate the idea of spending time with toxic people), this felt like a slap in the face.

My first reaction was shock! That someone who is a host and who is the same someone who came to my doorstep to invite me to be part of this wedding did this. I mean seriously, if this man held me in such contempt, why did he even bother to invite me. I would have been happier not being part of such “festivities” at all.  Also the fact that this man is twice my age, but did not have the grace to treat his guests right.

As is imaginable, I was hopping mad, I looked up tickets to go back home the following day, I ranted and bitched about how insulted I felt, I swore that I will never allow myself to see this man again, because I don’t like to tolerate bad behavior (I know no one does), which essentially teaches people that it is okay to treat you badly, and make them believe that they can get away with it.

Once my anger subsided (somewhat), my first thought was, this is definitely a lesson from the cosmos for me, on how not to be, on being more selective on the people I allow into my life, or experiences that I invite.

Sometimes life throws the scum of the earth in your face just to teach you to be gracious, and make you more humble, at least this is what I tell myself when these kinds of things happen. It is easier to believe this as opposed to people are just inherently bad!

In hindsight, I know that it would have taken my only one second to call him out, or to respond to the eye-roll with a cutting remark, but the only thing that would have done is prove that I am no better that him. And that will never happen.

As for myself, the more bad I encounter, the more I resolve to be better, and to rise above the petty. I once read something that has impacted me deeply – to argue with a fool is like jumping in the slush and wrestling a pig, all that happens is you get dirty and the pig actually enjoys itself – It is NOT worth it.

On a parting note, I truly hope this man gets exactly what he deserves, that is my prayer for him.

I will wear this insult as a badge of honor, a reminder to myself to always strive for grace.

Until next time, have a happy Sunday.



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