CatchLight – God’s own Country

Still hungover from my recent trip to Kerala which is a south Indian state more popularly known as God’s own country. It truly is a beautiful place, the weather is lovely, the food is yummy..

Here are some of my favorite clicks from my trip:

I will definitely be going back.

Until next time..



6 thoughts on “CatchLight – God’s own Country

  1. It has been a very… very long time since I was in Kerala.
    Maybe… next year… hm.. Kerala fits very well with the fact that I want to photograph waters

      1. Well, the backwaters are what I have in mind…

        I am just wondering if the monsoons are a good time to go, or just after the monsoon.

        Kerala, in general, is too hot and humid for my tastes

      2. It wasn’t as bad this time of year.. It was humid, and kept raining off and on… But it wasn’t unbearable. My guess is, it should be better during october or november…

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