On secrets…

The truth about secrets is it starts off being exciting and innocuous, but it ends up weighing heavily on you, and over time it leaves an after taste that wasn’t even worth it to begin with. It also comes with an unspoken element of shame associated with it.

By design, secrets is meant to exclude others, and the big problem with it is how it becomes a burden, where one needs to constantly be aware of what they can and cannot say to certain people for the fear of revealing the contents of your secret.

It makes me wonder how this is different from lying.

Life has this quality of being unpredictable, it can change in a blink, and this is true even for the people in our lives, and the last thing anyone should have to do is edit and restrict what is being said, for the fear for being found out. If tomorrow you won’t know someone anymore, true closure is knowing that you knew them (for the good, bad and everything else), and not have doubts about every single thing they said or did.

Imagine if people had the courage to be exactly themselves, without having to keep secrets.. Yes, a lot of people around us won’t appreciate it, we may get a lot of eye-rolls, and a lot of derision, but are we seriously delusional enough to think that there aren’t people who already do that anyway, regardless of who we are? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we gave ourselves permission to be our truest selves, without the shame or fear or rejection?

I will not keep or be anyone’s secret.

Until next time, lets not have any more secrets..



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