2016- the last hurrah

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to stop time, or at least slow it down so I can savor the moment, but 2016 has not been one of those times. Of course, there have been moments which were exceptions, but those good moments are grossly outweighed by all the times I wished that time in 2016 actually passed quicker, if that were possible.

It has been a year of tough lessons, acceptance of disappointment as part of the bigger picture, being forced to grow and behave maturely and face things head on when all I wanted to do was crawl up into a void and scream uncontrollably till I passed out into a deep slumber that usually follows a good cry (just as it was the year before, and most definitely the one before that!). But somehow 2016 feels like its the worst of the lot. Either it is because I am also growing older and have a lowered tolerance for a lot of things, or its been a particularly brutal year, or maybe because its happening now so it feels like it is way worse than it probably will seem in the future, I can’t be sure. Either way, I’m glad 2016 almost done.

To be fair, I have also had some moments of true bliss, full-circle moments, being able to move past my own self-limiting beliefs and grow (and surprise myself). 2016 has  been a year that I can truly say I’ve given my all to every part of my life, be it professionally, be it to friends and loved ones, I’ve given my most sincere efforts, unconditionally, and not felt depleted or entitled.

Its been a year of embracing some good principles  which resonated with me like –

  • to invest in experiences rather than things;
  • to make more memories than acquire trinkets and souvenirs;
  • to give rather than take;
  • to be present (as much as possible, and as often as possible) rather than worry and drive myself crazy about the future;
  • to be selfless especially with my family;
  • to de-clutter rather than hoard;
  • to re-purpose and recycle as many things as I can rather than buy things;
  • to be more detached without being closed off;
  • to do small things ever so often for myself that make me happy – even if it is as simple as taking extra time to get ready, as long as I feel great about myself;
  • to be more unapologetic about my choices, and not feel the need to explain or make excuses for my life;
  • to choose to be graceful even when I’m met with the most rude and insufferable behavior;
  • to surround myself in beauty every day because that actually makes my heart happy;
  • To travel as frequently as I possibly can;
  • To create some semblance of balance between work and life; and so many more I’m sure.

So much has happened this year, and so much more awaits us in 2017.

The next 21 days feel like the last hurrah, the last leg before we officially get to say goodbye to this year, so my plan is to let go of the pain and burdens that have haunted me and free up my hands to embrace all the good that is on its way in the coming days.

I also know that you, my dear reader, have also had your own share of struggles, your lessons, your trials and tribulations, but know that its only a phase and the future will be beautiful because you will make it so. Somehow I just know. 🙂

Before this year closes, lets find a way to let go of things that no longer serve us.

A few practical ways to do that, I find (I’m sure this works because I am currently in the process of doing exactly this) –

  • Is to de-clutter your physical space (your bedroom, your house, your office, basically any space that you occupy for prolonged duration.
  • Start by sorting out old clothes, that you no longer wear (or fir into). get rid of anything that you no longer use, give them away. I know that you bought them with so much love and excitement, now its time for those objects to bring someone else joy!
  • Give away old books, that you have no intention of re-reading.
  • Throw out old makeup or old gadgets that you know longer use.

When you give things away and in a real way create more space in your life, you are ready and able to accept better things into your life.

And most important lesson I have learnt this year and which I will carry with me in the years to come is forgiveness. To be able to forgive myself and others, both being essential..

I hope you find your own path away from the Chaos that is 2016, and find your own way to let go and bid adieu to this year in grand style.

Until my next post, take care 🙂



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