NYE 2016 – Parting Thoughts

Last day of the year and I can’t help but take stock of the 366 days that we have spent going around the sun again. It is something I do every year, but this exercise feels more important this year because a LOT has happened over the past 12 months.The hopefulness of January which was quickly shattered (by an incident I don’t really wish to re-live here), the decision taken in February whose consequences lasted till July, Rude awakenings in August, Travels and mindless spending that took over my life in September and October, a welcome lull that was my November and Finally the December which was mostly spent on my back with a slipped disk, which I haven’t fully recovered from (another rude awakening).

Yes, the highlights look bleak, but it wasn’t all bad, there were a handful of moments which were utterly breath-taking and so lovely that it broke my heart, these were the quiet moments that didn’t make an appearance on social media. No remnants other than the memories that I will carry in my heart for life.

So simply put, 2106 had its moments of Bad, Good and downright Awful. But hey, its almost over and for once saying goodbye to something has never felt easier.

So while I wait for 2017 to finally arrive, I can only think of the things I will strive to do more of, are these New Years Resolutions? No. I’m not one of keeping them up..


These are more of a fun list of things I hope to do more of, it makes me happy just writing this –

  1. Write more (consistently) – Give myself achievable targets and actually stick to them. Say three posts a month. So that gives me 10 days to churn up one post. Very do-able.
  2. Exercise MORE – For someone who has been working out for the last eleven years now, this is not some silly seasonal fad, I do however want to be more disciplined about it. Fix my back and make my body fit af! 2017 will be a year of beast-mode, and I can’t wait to get started!
  3. Click more photos – be more mindful to chronicle significant moments, whether they get posted or not!!
  4. Give more – Give more of my time, attention, advice & of course material gifts, especially to my loved ones.
  5. Learn to shoot a gun and get good at it. This has been a bucket list item for a long time! So in 2017, I will firstly get my membership at the shooting range, and make a schedule to visit it and learn. Its so badass, I love it!!
  6. De-clutter. De-clutter. De-clutter!!
  7. Be more mindful with money.
  8. Buy less and re-use and up-cycle more.
  9. Travel more – To places far and wide.
  10. Forgive more.
  11. Let go of old hurt & past grievances – Seriously, if lessons have been learnt, they serve no other purpose anymore. Let that shit go.
  12. Count my blessings every day.
  13. Expect the best from myself – Expect the best conduct, words and way of being. Polite, Polished, Graceful, Gracious and a little sassy.
  14. Change my job.
  15. Meditate more.
  16. Love more.
  17. And finally DANCE more.


Happy 2017, everyone.. See you all next year.



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