An unlikely Lawyer Life

Riddle me this – what is one of the most hated professions in the world, which is also one of the most feared, and one of the most respected, some of the most brilliant world leaders are part of this fraternity?

Answer – *Two thumbs pointed at myself* A Lawyer!!

Despite all the hate, being a lawyer is Great! (apparently I am also a poet.. ish) I should know, I am it. 🙂

About 11 years ago, I made a choice which changed the course of my life forever. Everyone who knew me as a child or as a teenager would have bet their lives that I would grow up to do something in the Fashion Industry, be a designer in a little atelier sketching up lovely designs, styling clothes, working with luxurious fabrics and ornate embellishments. No one, (not even me)  would’ve guessed that I would be a Corporate Attorney.

11 years ago, I decided I wanted to go to Law school, and one day be a Lawyer, a choice I made for many reasons, some grounded in impeccable logic and some which were a bit silly (not getting into it now), it lead to a path that took me to 5 years of law school, with its own set of experiences and lessons, a place which taught me the Law, and also gave me my best friend and sister for life.

That path eventually lead me to my first job, then my second, and which has now brought me to Today, when I sit at the cusp of completing 6 years of being a Lawyer.

That one choice made a lifetime ago brought with it the teachers, the friends, the people, the clients, the colleagues – each of whom have brought value, the lessons that I was meant to learn, the memories more precious than jewels. I can go on and on really!

Its a rather tasteless form of “comedy” that people often resort to, to express their hate/fear of lawyers, countless jokes (some of them are actually funny – like this one below) that are made at our expense, we are often called sharks, ruthless, liars and more.


Picture Source – Google Images

However, if you ask a lawyer to describe our beloved profession or its professionals, they will use words/phrases like Rooted in Tradition, Ethical, Service, Detail oriented, Brilliant and more. Perhaps we are biased, but it doesn’t make it less true. Of course, there are exceptions, like in any rule, the rogue ones here and there who are willing to do anything for a quick buck, the ambulance chasers and so on, but isn’t that true for any profession in the world?

Today, I can proudly say I am a Lawyer, and I can’t imagine being anyone else! Although most people tell me that I don’t “Look” like a lawyer, to which I have no answer other than an awkward smile. It is still an old boys club, after all (for the most part), and we still live in a world where people see a woman who looks like me and doesn’t immediately guess, Lawyer! And that is okay, I don’t fault the world, after all it does amuse me.

In this unlikely lawyer life of mine, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it is this – whether I look it or not, I am it and I love it. A girl who loves the Law, with all its words, its rules in black & white, its interpretation in shades of grey, its traditions, and its pride, I love it all.

Life is as strange as it is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of it unfolds. My parting thought for you is this – don’t hate! Lawyers are actually super fun, and if nothing else, great drinking buddies 😛


Picture Source – Google Images

Until next time, be good.



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