Taking Stock – 1/12 of 2017

After all the hoopla about how 2016 was the most difficult and harrowing year in recent time (It was), day after day after day have passed and all of a sudden, we’ve completed 1/12th of 2017 as well.

January 2017 has been a peaceful year, the calm before the storm perhaps, a year of doing everything I promised myself I would, I have read more books (starting book # 4 tonight), worn heels more often, worn red lipstick, shopped more, and most importantly prayed more.

This year has been a year of lessons (Read: Blessings in disguise) as well –

  • I realized (again!) that friends can break your heart in more ways than boyfriends ever can! – Not going into it in this post, but I will write about it soon.
Image result for friends can break your heart

Image Source – Google Images

  • Not everyone deserved your loyalty and kindness. And for the people who make you question this, it is indicative that you should direct your loyalty and kindness inward and move on.

  • Look beyond the surface, especially when it comes to People. If anyone are trying hard to prove to be a certain way, look closer, and you’ll be surprised (or Shocked!).
  • My career is important but it isn’t everything (Its a Hugely significant part, but not my whole life).
  • Writing gives me a real sense of ease, and the more I write, the better I feel, a good way to dispel pain.
  • A sense that I may have been TOO nice lately, taking too much on from ungrateful people, giving too much rope to people around me, and being taken for granted a bit too often. Maybe its time to remind everyone who they’re really dealing with..

So here’s to a good month. January 2017, its truly been a pleasure!

Tomorrow will be another day, another beginning, more opportunities to be fierce, but mostly month of surprises (I hope).

Better catch some Zzzzs now.

Until next time, Goodnight. ❤



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