International Day of Happiness 2017

Today, 20th March, 2017 (Monday) is the International Day of Happiness – the concept of such “days” leave me perplexed, simply because often these are things that one should be mindful about always.

Like mothers day, women’s day, father’s day, valentines day, etc. – to me these days feel like someone is playing a joke on the world and reducing human sentiments to no more than posts on social media. (and yes, I do acknowledge the delicious irony that is this post)

Happiness is a state of mind, which requires nothing external, which has no limits or rules.

To be Happy, simply be. It really is as simple as that.

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Lately, one of my favorite things to do is reflect – to be still and observe the patterns of my life, to be able to review my reactions to life, perhaps with the hope that I can better myself, and that gives me immense happiness.

So in the spirit of celebrating the International Day of Happiness, I will do a thing that always makes me happy – make a list (of things that make me happy), so here goes –

  1. Making Lists 😉
  2. Puppies – playing with them, looking at pictures/videos, or even just thinking about them changes my mood for the better
  3. Re-reading books – it always gives me the feeling of coming back home
  4. Reading book reviews of books I’ve already read, which gives me an insight to other people’s perspective on books that I’ve loved, more so when I find opposing views than mine
  5. A good cup of coffee – I once tried to give up coffee and practically lost my will to go on (I wish I were only saying this for effect), to have seen what life could be like without my favorite beverage gave me a real appreciation for it. And now when I drink coffee, I savor it for the drops of heaven it really is ❤
  6. Revisiting favorite memories, of certain moments which seem devised purely by the cosmos above
  7. Talking to old friends…

and many more, a list like this is endless, just as it should be.

In life, we often forget that there is something to be happy about each day, not just happy – delighted and enchanted – the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the joy that surrounds us each day, our jobs, our experiences, the endless possibilities of tomorrow which gives us hope, even just breathing (taking full deep breaths) and enjoying the essence of being alive and present.

Its all right here, waiting for us to stop being busy, and just look.

So today, I promise myself that no matter how busy or difficult my day gets, I’ll take at least 30 minutes to just indulge in things that give me joy.

I hope you do too.

Until next time, be happy!



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