Organizing and de-cluttering have been my two favorite actions for as long as I can remember, and I like my space to follow these two golden rules, be it my office, my house, or any place where I spend prolonged periods of time. I also quite enjoy making lists, sticking to them, and checking things off one by one – it gives me a sense of order in an otherwise chaotic world.

I love having certain handpicked pieces around the house, including photographs which always gives me a sense of “home”, and tend to feel most relaxed when things are in order. I am as materialistic as they come (also I am a Taurean!), but all my possessions have been hand-picked with a lot of love and care or have been gifts from people who have picked these things with a lot of love and care.

Clutter and overcrowded spaces make me feel restless and agitated, and make me feel like throwing everything away, just to be able to see clean spaces around me.

Clutter = Stress triggers.

Also having lived in an apartment for the last decade, my biggest constraint for anything is Space. I have often not bought things for my living space simply because storage is a real issue. Anyone who lives in an apartment will vouch for this. I recently came across the method of de-cluttering called KonMari created by Ms. Marie Kondo from Japan.

The basic premise of KonMari is simple, if you don’t love it, don’t keep it, and I instantly took to it. I like my space to have a zen-like soothing tranquil quality, and it is no surprise that I am most influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of minimalism. Incidentally, I go through thorough cleaning cycles once every three months and give away a LOT of my things (that somehow tend to get accumulated), so doing this kind of spring cleaning came easily, it cleared space and made me feel more peaceful. And tidying up every day has become easier.

I even gave this space (my beloved blog) a makeover and cleared a LOT of uninspired content, and ended up deleting over 100 posts.

Whether you do this with physical objects, or your social media, one thing is for sure, this exercise will put you in touch with what your possessions really mean to you. Do the things you own spark joy, or do they just occupy space.

If you want to try it for yourself, the checklist is this:

Image result for konmari checklist

Image Source – google images

Now it feels like life is more about experiences and memories instead of only things.

Have you tried to tidy up your home/office using KonMari? I would love to know what your results were.



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