CatchLight- Perspective

Have you ever seen something from a certain vantage point and make up opinions about it, and then you get to see another side to it and you get to see a whole new dimension.

Lately, life has been unraveling like that. Or at least it’s only lately that I’m paying attention. The things we see when we finally look, it’s amazing!

How you look at something v. How something actually is, are often two different things.

Be it with regard to people, work, objects, or even activities. Are the people around me the way I see them or are there aspects to them that I can’t yet see. Am I that way to others. Would I like the people I call friends if I got to see them from another perspective, or vice versa. How much of my thoughts are biased based solely on the way I choose to look at things, I’m not sure.

Perhaps it is because we get so busy that life goes into auto pilot mode, and we no longer notice the trees, or the squirrels, or the butterflies or the blooms, or the people who we meet often or the ones we don’t. It’s so easy, but imagine how much we are missing out when we live life in this mode.

Until next time.

Love & Peace



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