CatchLight- Nuvole bianche

Its no secret that I Love the sky, be it the clouds or the stars, it has a way of putting things in perspective. Today started with a mood I can’t quite articulate, so I was open to trying anything to change it. At one point I found myself standing at the window watching the butterflies flit about. Back and forth yellow ones and white ones which seem to be everywhere during this season, and all I could do was think about everything that surrounds us, busy living up to their own purpose. As I stood there for (my guess) about an hour or so, I noticed it went from clear blue skies to fluffy white clouds. Right before my eyes, the sky had transformed, and it reminded me that everything is constantly changing, as will my nameless mood.

Life is full of phases, nothing ever stays the same. So cherish the good times, and the bad, after all it is there to put things in perspective. Life happens, whether we are ready or not, so embrace the phases which make you feel overwhelmed, it too is only a phase. It will change soon, and when it does, it will leave you changed from within. Hang in there, and if nothing else gives you solace, look up to the sky and watch as the birds fly by, and the winds sing its tune, and take a break from reality, even if its just for a little while.

Peace & Love



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