INTJ & Loving it

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About 2 years ago (or so), in a chance encounter, I had a conversation about the MBTI Personality types, and this person I had just met, was able to make an almost accurate assessment about my personality type, and I was told that I am an INTJ. At that moment, I had no idea what that meant, but was intrigued enough to want to know more, so I took the test to see for myself what the whole MBTI fuss was about.

MBTI stands for Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), it is a self-assessment questionnaire which indicates the psychological preferences in how people with different personality types perceive the world around them, and what drives decision making. In all there are 16 personality Types. I took the test, and it turns out I am INTJ (and I love it!). I have been reading about it ever since, and its been one of the most insightful things to have happened to me. It has helped me understand how I am wired, that I’m not a total freak, for certain personality traits that I have, which tends to happen very frequently when you’re an introvert who is surrounded by extroverts.

INTJs are rare, INTJ women, more so! So as an Introvert Intuitive Thinking Judging personality, I often feel like I don’t “fit-in” (I am not even sure where exactly I am supposed to “fit-in”, and honestly it sounds uncomfortable!). From one of the numerous sources I found that, people with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy.

I lot of the things I have read about INTJs have been SPOT ON, its kinda awesome in a creepy way. So I’ll do what I love most, and make a list of things that I find to be most accurate about INTJs and you might find this to be true if you too are one/know one.

  1. You are super organised – the idea of being inefficient drives you crazy.
  2. You love making lists. 🙂
  3. You are often excluded from social gatherings, because people assume you won’t come – Perhaps true, but it still feels good to be asked people!
  4. Being around people who talk too much or don’t listen, leaves you feeling exhausted.
  5. The “me time” required to decompress is a real part of your day. Check your list, I bet its there. 🙂
  6. You don’t display your emotions, which often prompt people to ask you if you’re okay, or if you’re in a bad mood. It is perfectly okay not to have to talk about your feelings ALL THE TIME.
  7. You’re extremely private, hence hard to read.
  8. You are an impeccable planner, and know exactly what needs to be done and the best way to do it. This can be highly frustrating when other people don’t follow the plan, screw up, and you have to spend double the effort to fix it. And when you point it out, suddenly you’re being condescending.
  9. You have the ability to predict things accurately. People around you either love/hate it.
  10. You find it difficult to make friends, but when you do, you are fiercely loyal, even if the other person does not meet your definition of loyal in return. One Of the things I read about INTJs that I couldn’t have articulated better, “Unfortunately, you might assume a friendship is on the rocks when the other person doesn’t return a text or “like” a picture of you posted, because, seriously, it takes like 5 seconds. If someone can’t give you 5 seconds, you are obviously pretty low on their priority list. (You believe it’s not about feelings, it’s about logic.)”
  11. You are often labelled Aloof or bossy, and people tend to find you intimidating.
  12. You have a very strong reaction to criticism, it may never be expressed for the criticizer to see, but it will stay with you for a LONG time. Even if it is well-meaning “constructive criticism”.

For now, these are all I can think about, but I’m sure there are many more traits of this rarest of the rare personality type. If you want to take the test and find out your personality type, here’s a link.

Peace & Love



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