Returning the Favor

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One of the few problems with being an introvert is that you tend to be very observant and sensitive, you notice when someone’s tone changes, when the warmth in the interaction with people slowly disappears. And now, thanks to technology, you get to notice when someone leaves your texts on Read and doesn’t bother to reply, or chooses to unfollow you on social media accounts. Call me petty, but I always return the favor, not out of spite, but because I don’t like to be confronted with other people’s negativity that I didn’t create.

See, I’m not buying that such things happen by accident. For example –

  • To unfollow someone on most social media requires at least 3 steps, finding and opening the account that you want to unfollow, hit unfollow on said account, and hit yes, when it asks you if you’re sure you want to unfollow said account.
  • To ignore/ghost someone requires at least 3 steps as well, finding the contact details of the person on your phone, mute/block said contact, and hit yes when the platform asks you of you’re sure if you want to mute/block said contact.

I notice everything even when it might seem like I haven’t. And there are few things I find unworthy of my energy and time, one of them is definitely dealing with someone else’s toxicity directed towards me which has (definitely) stemmed out of their own insecurities. I am sure of this because as a matter of principle I ensure that I am mindful in all my relationships, and I ensure that if I can’t enhance their joy when they’re around me, I at least don’t offend them, I am certain of this because I have very few relationships (that mean something) to keep track of. It has always been quality over quantity.

Truth be told, when people I like/love choose to extend negativity and unwanted drama into my existence, it breaks my heart, but here is the thing I have learnt about myself over the years, I will never confront it/talk about it, because I’ll be damned if I waste more time/energy on it. So I only return the favor, unfollow or mute/block said person, soothe my broken heart, move on with my life, and make no apologies for it. I call it life detox. Where I acknowledge the hurt and consciously detox the toxic relationships.

To those who have been unkind, or projected your insecurities on me and find silly unwarranted reasons to hate me, well, my parting thoughts are – I wish I could dislike you back, but that isn’t how it works with me and my silly sentimental heart, but I will do everything in my power to not have to encounter you again, and thank you for revealing your true colors, it took you long enough!

Peace & Love



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