Effort is sexy!

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I’ve started to notice a trend lately of acting apathetic and generously using phrases like, I don’t care or whatever mostly used after things that people actually care about. Since when it is cool to be apathetic.

I tend to take notice when people make an effort to show you they care (in their action rather than just words), when their eyes light up when they talk about things that they are passionate about, when they make an effort to dress well, or take care of themselves because they do care!

The simplest example of this trend is when people don’t make an effort to dress up (appropriately), or wear flip flops anywhere outside a beach. Its no secret, I hate flip flops, I don’t own them, everything about them bothers me, like the *chat* *chat* sound they make, the way it makes ones feet look, the fact that it affects the way one walks etc. Of course, this post is not about my dislike for flip flops. So the rant stops here.

How we dress affects how we carry ourselves, our confidence and consequently how other people treat us. People respect you in direct proportion of how much you respect yourself and how much you respect yourself shows in every aspect of your life, your appearance, your effort.

Wear good clothes, and I don’t mean big brand names or expensive stuff. Iron your clothes, keep them clean and stain-free. Take care of your possessions and treat them with respect. I have recently adopted the Parisian mindset and lifestyle when it comes to my wardrobe, a few quality pieces, shoes and bags which are well made, rather than fast fashion, and it has changed my life. It takes me less time getting ready in the morning and I feel confident every day, because every single day I wear items of clothing and accessories that fit me beautifully or tailored for me and things of lush quality.

Life is too short for wearing flip flops and polyester. It is too short for mediocrity and half-assedness. Live life enthusiastically, like you’re excited to be alive. Lets make dressing well, and putting our best foot forward (whether it is in our profession, friendships, or relationships) cool again. Lets make caring trendy again, because Effort is Sexy!

Peace & Love



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