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CatchLight- Midweek DIY


I got this camera bag when I bought the camera, and ever since then I’ve been meaning to personalize it, but somehow it never happened. One of the things I bought in Goa as a souvenir was this metal bookmark shaped like a butterfly, and I realized this works perfectly to make my camera bag more personalized to my liking. So I took the repair kit the hotel provided and got into sewing it on.

It took me about 10 minutes or so, and viola!! My boring old bag up-scaled with a brand new look.

Peace & Love



Author: Effloresce23

I'm blessed, grateful and happy.

4 thoughts on “CatchLight- Midweek DIY

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    Thought you might find this interesting 🙂 sounds like a good thing to have on your camera bag to me 😉

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