CatchLight- and the fog lifted

The fog lifted just to reveal the beauty underneath it.

Sometimes it takes time for life’s plans to unravel, often one moment at a time, when you least expect it, the fog lifts and a path appears. If you ever find yourself feeling stuck or unable to move forward, know that that also has a lesson for you. Patterns often show up when we don’t learn these lessons.

It occurred to me yesterday, out of the blue, Life is a mirror. It is a reflection of you. Your life is what you are, so if you’re unhappy about your life, its time to take a closer look at yourself, and find a way to change it. This was one of the most powerful Aha moments in the recent past, accelerating my own introspection. More on this soon, when I have clarity to better articulate it.

Until then, there’s always enough beauty around us to make it all worthwhile.

Peace & Love



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