CatchLight – afternoon stroll

Being a Lawyer means I get to read and/or write a LOT. This could be reviewing contracts, drafting them, researching various subjects for preparing opinions, etc. All this also means that you sit a LOT. I sit in a car to get to work, take one flight of stairs, get to office, and sit at my desk, sit in a car and go back home. The only time I am not sitting is when I get call in for meetings, which don’t happen as often.

As you can imagine, my lifestyle isn’t the most healthy one. Of course I practice yoga every day, I meditate, I get off my seat and stretch every hour, walk every chance I get, and it still doesn’t feel like its enough. So I have adopted an afternoon stroll, just to work up a sweat and get my body moving, and it feels great. Of course, there are busy days when I have five minutes to scarf down my lunch and continue working, but on days which are better, I get to pamper my senses with this view, the chilly monsoon air, birds or cicadas chirping, butterflies flitting about and squirrels scampering about. Its a great reminder that Its all good.

Peace & Love



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