CatchLight- Office de-clutter find

I just did an office de-clutter and found this, a bunch of used pencils from the last three years, all of them were the exact same size, sharpened to a size that is no longer usable. I had to throw it away, because I can’t use it anymore. But seeing all these pencils, from the first day of my current job, made me feel a bit sentimental. Remembering some of my milestones I’ve had in the past 3+ years.

I almost didn’t want to throw it away. Almost. 

After all I pride myself of being both sentimental and detached. It means that my sentiments don’t compel me to cling on to anything. It makes me grateful that I have been fortunate to have had certain experiences. Sentimental attachments need not be for physical objects which have long outlived their usefulness, instead it can be about memories, a moment in time that has made you really feel (good/bad). Alive.

De-cluttering my space was a way of re-prioritizing my life. When time/space/energy is limited, prioritize on things that are most important and meaningful. There are few things that are so liberating.

Peace & Love



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