CatchLight- Don’t hate Meditate

Meditation – one of the best things ever.

Like most, I used to think meditation was difficult, that one needed to be a wise old sage sitting in the Himalayas to be able to do it properly, and then I realized that meditation is just a way to allow yourself to be present in the moment. Its that simple.

Meditation is Just like Yoga – after my yoga practice, I’d feel really calm and collected, like I could accomplish anything. Never realizing it was also a form of meditation, because the practice of yoga is about focusing on your breathing and allowing your body to settle into the asana. To be fully present in the moment.

Its only recently that I found the most effective meditation tool (and one of my favorites) called Zen12 created by Karl Moore (Thank you Karl, I will forever be grateful to you for creating this tool), and it has changed my life. I don’t even remember where/how I found this, but I did. And boy am I glad.

The biggest challenge for me when I started was to sit still, and slow down the flow of thoughts, and eventually completely quiet the mind. I’d often fidget, or start thinking of the things I needed to do after the “meditation”, or things I needed to do that day, or worse I’d start thinking of all the past experiences (especially the bad ones). And obviously get very frustrated.

But with Zen12 all I need to do is, choose my audio file, put on my earphones and just relax. I try to listen to myself breathe as the audio plays on, and 12 minutes later I feel refreshed and collected, much like my yoga practice. I try to do this every day, sometimes multiple times a day, on especially volatile days.

One of the biggest benefits of meditation that I have noticed in life is, I am a lot calmer in situations. Things don’t get under my skin quite as easily as they did before. In my mind, I am certain that there is time for accomplishing everything I am meant to.

Would I recommend meditation to people, YES (a million times, yes!)

If you are someone who describes yourself as “busy” or “stressed”, I’d day give it a go. What have you got to lose?

The best kind to start with are guided meditation, because it tells you exactly what to do, and you just need to follow along. Its the best one to start with, especially if you have never meditated a day in your life. There are thousands of videos online, when you search for the keywords guided meditation.

It is one of the biggest life hacks that I can share with the world. You will start to notice the change, sometimes after the very first practice.

So go on, try it why don’t you. And don’t forget to let me know how you like it.

Peace & Love



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