Book Review – How to be Parisian

One of my dear friends recommended this book and I immediately bought it on my kindle account and started reading it. Quickly realized that a book like this is meant to be read in hardcover, so I mentioned it to my dad that I wanted to buy a hardcover as well, because of the pictures. So he bought it for me, and it arrived today. Thank you amazon and a bigger thank you to Nidhi!

This is a fun tongue in cheek book written by 4 Parisian women. I am not Parisian by nationality, but I identified with most of this book. Perhaps some of us are just born with a Parisian heart.

One of my favorite lines from this book is this because I felt myself furiously nodding in agreement –

The Parisienne, shamelessly snobbish, is such a snob that she’s perfectly comfortable letting everyone know it. What’s wrong with that? The Parisienne is arrogant.

Use whatever adjective you like (or dislike), instead of snob, and it works. OWN it. Not only that embrace it, get comfortable with it, and no one (even yourself) can’t use it to make you squirm. I don’t think a Parisienne will ever be caught dead squirming about anything! But don’t take yourself so seriously either.

Anyway, my love for Paris just got amplified after reading this book.

Would I recommend this book – in a heartbeat.

Give it a go, and let me know what you think.

Peace & Love



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