CatchLight- little things

Something about having little rituals for every day activities add a spark of joy into my days.  Whether it is the activity of clipping my nails and painting it every weekend; or making a concoction of detox water (1 glass warm water mixed with 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar & 2 tbsp honey) and drinking it out of my favorite mug; or tidying up my wardrobe and mentally plan my outfits for the coming week.  There are many little things that I adore doing which make life feel less monotonous.  I suppose it is all about the (seemingly) little things, which all add up.

All I know is never to disregard the things that bring me joy, rather it is all about celebrating them.

Today’s ritual which I am most looking forward to is making a delicious cup of English Breakfast Tea to sip while reading the morning papers, while Ludovico Einaudi’s nuvole bianche plays softly in the background.

Peace & Love



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