Sometimes the most obscure things have the most calming effect, like watching the waves make their way up and down the shore while you enjoy the feel of salty air on your skin, or looking at a lava lamp with its neon tinted liquid (at least I’m guessing its liquid) moving up and down slowly, or hearing the familiar ambient music at the spa.

Yesterday, while making my favorite cranberry apple tea, I noticed how, from the second you dip the infuser into your glass of water, the tea slowly infuses the water and bleeds color and flavor before the color completely changes the water and ends up as berry flavored goodness. Unfortunately I can’t share the tea with you, so the video will have to do for now. Watching the tea slowing steep was one of the most calming part of the Sunday.

Very here and now! (and heavens know how much I love those)

Almost meditative and the most welcome part of any day. With that I’m (almost) geared up to have a lovely Monday!

Happy Monday folks.



Milestone: 500 Posts

Milestone: 500 Posts

Milestones are always special, and I just hit the 500 post mark on my little nook of the internet, this site (for which I’m eternally grateful), but I only figured I had reached 500 posts (the previous one was the 500th one) after posting it. I guess sometimes you don’t notice something till after the moment has passed. Regardless, it calls for celebration. And that’s precisely what I intend to do.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ever stopped by to read my musings.

Thank you so much!




Art – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Art – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The joy of putting brush to canvas is as satisfying as clicking away at the keyboard to write, if not more.  Perhaps its the fact that you are creating something, that makes me happiest.  Unsurprisingly painting this (a gift for my aunt) was my activity of choice to kick start the weekend.  Now to get a pretty frame on it and off it goes.

If I didn’t love being a lawyer, I’d spend my days just cooking, painting, clicking photos, and writing.  Maybe someday that will be life, if/when I retire.

’til then, Happy Weekend!


#Bookstagram 7: So many books, so little time.

#Bookstagram – So many books, so little time. 

One of the things I do every year, almost involuntarily, is set year-end goals.  Come December and suddenly there’s a sense of urgency in the air, like I have so much to do, and just not enough time to do it all.  Normally I have weight related goals that get majorly fussed about, like I want to fit into a certain dress for the Christmas party or have a certain waist size by NYE, and of course, a plan to make it all happen (I’m nothing if not a woman with a plan!) – workout 15 minutes more each day, maybe avoid eating out altogether till 24th December, avoid desserts, skip that second course, etc. – very specific stuff that seldom work out that way.

This year my ticking clock (hahaha, I’m so pleased with myself for that) is urging me to tackle my TBR.  I find myself starting new books, even before I finish the ones I’m currently reading.  Simply because I want to read many more books before I’m ready to say goodbye to 2017.  Despite my inclination to mono-task, I’ve caught myself reaching for every book that catches my attention.  Its definitely the end of the year urgency.

Its all so silly, but whats life without a bit of whimsy (I’m assuming everyone gets the reference).  I know for a fact that days are going to pass one by one whether we’re ready or not, and we’ll one day find ourselves in 2018, and nothing would’ve changed (not really anyway).  I’m not buying the whole new year, new me spiel, because we will still pretty much be the same person in 2018 or 2020 or the years to come… (maybe older & wiser (hah!), or happier & more appreciative (one can certainly hope), or more grumpy & wrinkly (sigh), or everything depending on the day).  But somehow, this human created concept of time – hour, date, month, year, decade – puts a sense of urgency, like I have to outrun something.  And for the life of me, I don’t know what I am running from (or towards), or what I am supposed to outrun, all I know is there’s that need to do everything before the next year rolls by.

I don’t know why exactly this is, but I notice it every year with mild amusement, and this year my plan is to finish reading all the books I’ve started reading this month, and that’s about 5 books.  Well, its a good thing I’m doing the Weekend Readathon soon.

Happy Reading!!