For the ages

Ever so often, I come across something that makes me stop and think about what I want in life. When I saw this picture of this gorgeous couple while scrolling through my favorite social media platform, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it, save it, and share it. Anything that lasts the test of time gets my respect, antiques that last for centuries, old cars that still work perfectly, marriages/romances/friendships that last decades, they all have one common denominator – someone (or some people) who chose to take care of something with loving care.

I used to be very irreverent (subconsciously) and not treat things with the respect they deserve, and tossing things around (especially my phone), not bothering to put things back in its place right away. And I’d be puzzled when they didn’t last forever. Unfortunately that is what happens when things are taken for granted. Think about it, whether its things or people, taking something for granted is the shortest route to its demise. I’ve lost friendships (over the years) because I’ve taken them for granted or vice versa. I’ve broken cherished things because of not treating them with care, and felt foolish (and wasteful) when replacing them.

Something about pictures like these act as reminders that when you treat your belongings/relationships with care, so they will last you for the ages, and don’t need to be replaced very often.

Realizing this in recent years have impacted everything I do (more importantly how I do). It is something that makes all my actions feel more deliberate and intentional.

Seriously, who doesn’t want forever?

Much Love



Price v. Value

Price v. Value

One of the things I really HATE is wastage of any kind. Whether its wasting time, efforts, energy, things, resources, anything, it really annoys me. IMHO wasting something is just another way of disrespecting or disregarding it. And that’s probably the quickest way of losing it.

Even (seemingly) small things like wasting the last bit of food on your plate (this gets me seething), or the last few pages of a note book, showing up late to a pre-scheduled meeting (wasting time), worrying about things that are out of your control (wasting energy), anything really.

I don’t really know when I started thinking and paying attention to this, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve observed these things around me, and tried to be more mindful.

This same sentiment was evoked recently when I had to buy a phone case for my phone. As someone who keeps dropping my phone (poor thing), phone cases are more of a necessity rather than just a cute accessory. So when I was out shopping at a popular fast-fashion store, I saw this clear case with unicorns, and instantly loved it, and picked it up without a second thought. It was only when I got home and took it out of the package that I realized that its a soft case which barely covers my phone, and provided absolutely no grip (disastrous for me, Ms. butterfingers). Then I went online and searched specifically for the brand of case which I’ve been using for the last year (which needed replacing because of the multiple falls it had endured). The point is – the price of this case was 5X the price of the Unicorn case. Accordingly the quality of both products also varied. The lesson – You get what you pay for was heavily reinforced – and I couldn’t help but take a closer look at practically everything I own from this perspective and think of how many of these “inexpensive” alternatives I’ve bough over the last few years, and had to replace them almost immediately and spent close to 5X amount of time and most importantly efforts.

Sometimes its easy (and human) to make choices based on the price tag, because we often don’t think in terms of value or quality. After all we live in a world where one of most used (and most successful) marketing campaign is to call something “inexpensive” or offer heavy “discounts” (don’t even get me started about this). Consumerism has left us almost desensitized to aspect like durability, quality, etc., when buying something. And lets not forget the biggest oxymoron of using the phrase “value for money” for cheaply made items.

For me, this whole Price v. Value question was a real eye-opener, and naturally I had to share it here.

Peace & Love


Here and Now

Here and Now

Sometimes people string together ordinary words so beautifully that when you hear/read them you can’t help but stop and reflect.  And this is perhaps one of my favorite things about reading, that I get to enjoy the words of another, to feel something more, to notice something that I hadn’t in the past.  These are my most cherished moments of all.

Embrace the dewdrops of life before they disappear with the morning light.

I heard this today while I was doing my nails, and stopped halfway just to note it down, some words are worth stopping everything for.

Happy Weekend!


You are so enough

You are so enough!

Have you ever felt inadequate, like no matter how hard you’ve tried or how much good you’ve put into the world, it has somehow fallen short, like you missed the mark by just a bit. Have you ever felt depleted and exhausted because no matter what the efforts are, the results never seem to add up.

Well, welcome to the real world.  Pretty much every human being you have encountered in life has felt this way at some point.  Life can be harsh  & brutal, and when you least expect (or deserve) it.

Lets take the thing almost everyone has issues with – body and body image issues – growing up the beauty standards were that one had to be reed thin and almost androgynous to be considered attractive, and now suddenly the standard is curves curves curves.  Or take Eyebrows, growing up thin eyebrows with crazy high arches were in vogue (leaving you with a perpetual look of surprise) and now its the thick bushy “instagram” eyebrows that are in.  Same with fashion trends, same with beauty, same with values, same with everything.  I can think of many many examples like these, but that’s not the point of this post.  Just when one reaches the “Goal” of what is considered attractive/good/acceptable, the goal posts are moved.

It reminds me of the story of the donkey and the carrot, or the hamster and the wheel.  Basically pointless (on an individual level) and profits for Businesses.

My first question is when did we give away the power to someone else to set these “goals” for us.  How about we make the “goal” accepting what we see in the mirror, and setting realistic (achievable) goals for self-improvement.  Taking back the power.

You see, when you live in a society that constantly tells you that you’re not enough, and therefore not worthy of the things you most desire or aspire.  The biggest form of rebellion comes from realizing you are SO enough!

Its not ALL bad though or a constant battle, Life is also filled with unexpected beauty and kindness (if you still can’t find it, find the nearest mirror), and people who want the best for you, you just have to find your tribe is all.  But before you find your tribe, you have to figure out, accept, and celebrate you.

It took me 20 something years to stop needing validation from other people and realize that I am, in fact, enough (good enough, kind enough, pretty enough, lovely enough, <Enter adjective> enough).  When I liked me (and by like I mean, accept myself fully, as I am), it didn’t matter anymore if anyone else did (or not).

Take it from me, You are SO enough, and don’t let the world tell you otherwise.

I can talk about this forever, but for now have a Happy December!