I declined a job interview today because I was told “off the record” that the people I was supposed to meet with were going to be “Rude”. But I was assured that I wasn’t to worry or take it to heart because they are rude to everyone (all the time). I was most surprised by the nonchalant tone in which this information was given to me.

After my initial reaction (see below), I started thinking about all the new rules that make up our social construct, and how desensitized we are.

The more progress we make in our technological prowess, the less we seem to care about concepts like politeness and good manners.

Just like language is rapidly changing, and internet shorthand has taken over and is used more and more instead of English, so are social norms. Key board warriors and trolls who probably have no social skills are unleashing their venomous attitudes on unsuspecting people of the internet, which slowly is seeping into real life as well. News of someones rude behavior is not only accepted, its rewarded (moat times).

The ONLY way I will deal with rudeness is by shutting it the hell down as quickly as I can, and make no apologies for it. After all, bullies back off when you stand up to them.

As far as my today’s decision, I have no doubts that its the right one. Thanks but no thanks, you and your rudeness can go over there.




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Sometimes when things become too monotonous, and stress levels run high, the inevitable result is the dreaded Block. The Writers Block. For which, ironically, the only cure is writing. But for the likes of me, the easier way to handle the block is to busy myself with the most elaborate to-do lists, give myself no time to think, and avoid writing altogether. Its awful, and I spend every free moment feeling guilty. But hey, I’m only human. Sure I’ll be getting into marathon writing mode in no time.

Until next time, thanks for staying.





It sometimes surprises me how much we change during the course of our lives. After all, we are all always changing. Our preferences, our hopes and dreams, our priorities, our appearances, fashion choices. Everything. In the last decade alone, I have experienced several full-circle moments. One phase seamlessly cascading into the next. Revealing itself only one day at a time.

When I reflect on the past choices and priorities I proudly held on to, I can’t help but smile about my obvious naiveté. I used to place so much expectations on things I wanted (or at least thought I did), obsessed, and drove myself crazy, followed by the inevitable  disappointment and heartbreak. Other people and their opinions were given more importance than it deserved. Its amazing how life evolves, and we with it. Things we once loved seem silly and childish, no matter how much they meant to us at the time. Its a glorious thing, really, this Life. You can’t help but love it.

Keep evolving. Keep rising.

Good vibes only.



Fact: I’m not a very confrontational person, if/when I witness something that’s a lie, I don’t confront it immediately (or ever, sometimes), not because it makes me uncomfortable/fearful to do so, but because I like to see how far someone will go to keep up the deceit (like how dumb do you think I am). So instead of wasting my energy on confrontation, I use it to alter my judgment of said person.

However, the less confrontational you are, the more people try to bullshit you. A disturbing truth really. Yesterday, a person I know professionally, lied to my face, knowing fully well I knew it. He looked me straight in the eye and went about his lie (unrepentant). I was completely caught off guard, not because he lied, but because of his ability to do it so easily (and for a subject that didn’t really need it). All the respect I once had for this man turned into ash. I was so disturbed, it left me shaking for hours after.

My sad realization was – People Lie – (and I’m not talking about harmless white lies, I’m talking about the kind that could ruin lives). Given a chance, they will screw you over without even batting an eye. They even go so far as to use sweet words and manipulation to get an advantage over you, for something you’d probably happily do (isn’t that sad). The so called advantage at most times won’t even be worth the risk of losing the friendship/relationship (does that make any sense).

My second realization – and the more important lesson here is to know your boundaries. How much of someone’s BS are you willing to tolerate before you say enough. And how long will you stay quiet before you let the person know you know. Finding the balance is key. Of course, like most things its easier said. I find it easiest to go into the offensive by just shutting off. Lie to me once, and that’s the end of the line. No feedback, no confrontation, no drama, nothing. I simply shut shop and walk the hell away, no matter how much it hurts me. Funny thing is (and by funny, I mean sad), my best friend thinks I’m cold and hard (an ice queen) for my ability to walk away or cut people off, instead of seeing it for what it really is, self-preservation.

When people try their BS with you, take a deep breath, remember who the fuck you are, and start again.

Rant Over.