Random Musings

Random Musings

Have you ever noticed how frail our inner peace is, one minute we find ourselves fighting with the world with all our might for someone, and the next minute sees this very person fighting with us for the world. For me the highest form of love is when I pray for someone, and often its those same people who’ve left meat the edge of a precipice. Not sure if that made any sense, but my point is this, when put our whole and soul into something (or someone), we set ourselves up for disappointment. Sounds bleak and cynical (I know), but the sooner we accept this, the more we can preserve our own inner peace. After years of praying for people who only turned around and disappeared when you have needed them most, you can’t help but be a bit more guarded.

This year, which I was utterly hopeful for, has been stressful right from the start, and in any downtime that I’ve had, I’ve been thinking about my various friendships and relationships. Some have lasted a few months, some which lasted years, but in the end when things fall apart, heartbreak is inevitable.

But such is life, I suppose. Not all our relationships are meant to last from start to finish, some are friends for a season, some are friends for a reason (the word matlabi comes to mind), some are friends who love you even when they’re not near (life!), and some even when they’re right next to you aren’t friends at all.

I kinda blame my own sentimental heart sometimes, and sometimes I forgive it. Because in the very end, all we really have is ourselves, and a few fleeting moments with people who cross our path. Sometimes that is enough, and when its not we become writers.

My own introspection this past week has brought me to this point where the ONLY thing on my mind is forgiveness. Forgive everyone, including yourself (especially yourself), and try not to be too disappointed by people. After all, we are all only human.

Peace & Good vibes





Just like millions of people around the world, I woke up to today’s google doodle which told me it was Mirza Ghalib Saheb’s 220th Birthday, a poet who lived during Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah’s reign.

Mirza Ghalib’s 220th Birthday

Image Source: Google

Today’s Google Doodle

I’ve read a few of his poems over the years, and they never fail to strike a connection for me, sometimes the simplest words resonate with the deepest most guarded parts of your soul. So needless to say I instantly started searching for some of his most famous poems, and spent all morning reading some of his most famous words.

And when I came across this couplet, it instantly felt like someone had articulated the soul of my 2017. Somehow a man who lived 220 years ago had written something which perfectly fits for me today.

If I had to look back and reflect, as I always do in the last week of December, I can’t help but feel like 2017 was a BIG year, not as brutal as 2015 and 2016 (god forbid times like those come back around in this lifetime). But somehow more horrible in certain ways, I won’t even go into recapping the months of May & June.

2017 was also a year of revelations and quiet acceptance. It was a year of peacefully closing doors, or as I’d like to call it: gracefully disengaging, from things that no longer served my higher purpose. No resentment or helpless frenzy, just simply, forgiveness.

2017, for me, was (is) a year of Forgiveness, apologizing and seeking forgiveness as well as forgiving the demons that have had its tethers tightly around my neck, and haunting me over the years. Just like that Forgiveness has freed me, and made my life more asaan (easy) so to say.

I’m sure there will be at least one more day of full and final recap of the year simply to acknowledge and appreciate (maybe even learn a thing or two) before I finally bid this year farewell.

Until then, go and enjoy some of the most beautiful lines ever written, Courtesy Ghalib Saheb!


Good Vibes ONLY

Good Vibes ONLY

One of the phrases I’ve thought about most these past few days is this:

Good Vibes ONLY!

No matter how good we are, or how honest our intentions are, or how much self-love we have cultivated in our lives, encounters with rudeness, negative people or negativity in general is inevitable.  Perhaps it is because we are all on our own different paths, and have reached different levels of vibrations, but when you operate from a place of love, the lower vibrations stick out like a sore thumb.

And to quote my favorite meme, ain’t nobody got time for dat!


Let me elaborate, most people around you either don’t care or don’t like it when you are happy!  Now this probably sounds completely contradictory to the earlier paragraph (in terms of self-awareness), but stay with me.  Here is how the Society at large operates, most people have very little drive or make very little effort to elevate their own situation, and unfortunately thanks to the social media culture, they often use social media as a platform to constantly look at someone else’s feed, and instead to feeling happy/appreciative, they choose to vent out their own frustrations by judging and trolling.

Can you think of a happy successful person who trolls???


I’ve had so many experiences with people trolling me or mocking me or generally being rude, and I’ve also had amazing, lovely, and wonderful people who have become part of my online (and real life) community as well, and MOST shockingly its the people who know me in real life (and who I had perhaps expected better from)  who have turned out to be negative and not so nice (OBVIOUSLY not everyone I know irl, but you get the point), and its saddening that people can be so vicious, especially on social media, where the easier option is to simply hit “unfollow”.

When I was younger, this kind of overt/covert negativity used to bother me to tears, I used to think it utterly unfair when people who should be better (or at least that was as per my own skewed expectations), treated me so poorly for no apparent reason. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Thankfully that’s not the case anymore.  Now, there’s a realization that sometimes people you (may) like don’t like you back, and hence find it easier to not make any efforts at being compassionate.

I FINALLY stopped making excuses for other people and their actions, and instead of projecting my own inputs to such behavior/actions, I learnt to accept things exactly as they are.  If you show me who you are, I will believe you the first time.

How one acts is a direct reflection of who THEY are, and has nothing to do with you. And with that revelation, I finally put to rest a LOT of my own insecurities and healed a whole lot of wounds.

Anyway, something happened over the past few days which made me think of this a lot, and reflect on my own reaction to facing these energies.  I always feel like the most unkind people I’ve encountered have also been the most unhappy, I mean its humanly impossible to operate on such a negative level and be happy.  They’ll probably never admit it, but its very likely true.

Obviously I’ve lived on this planet long enough to know that it is not my role to “fix” anyone, but my role is to perhaps fix only myself, my own reactions, perceptions, and energies. Because what you emit comes back, energetically speaking.  And it makes me wonder if I am inadvertently operating on these lower frequencies of vibes.

(I know, I know, all this may sound very new-agey, but at this point, it feels like its clarifying a lot of things for me, so bear with me, or not, that’s okay too).

So I made a little pact with myself today, which is: no matter what other people say/think/believe/do, I will focus only on living as brilliantly as possible, after all its the least I owe myself.

A whole new level of self-love has been unlocked, people. And perhaps this will set a whole new tone for life.

Anyway, more on this soon (I’m sure).

Till then, I’m ONLY sending good vibes your way!!

Happy Holidays!


Singing again

Singing again

There was a time in my childhood when I’d just always find myself singing or humming a tune and generally be carefree.  And then somehow that phase seemed to abruptly end,  I noticed I had become very self conscious about it and would only limit my singing to when I was along or driving by myself.  Needless to say I was NOT happy about this.

But today a friend shared a few songs by a new artist called Prateek Kuhad, and his music was so light, happy, and lovely that I found myself singing his songs through the day, whether I was at my desk at work, or getting ready for the day, I found myself singing without a care in the world, and generally ended up having one of the best days I’ve had in recent times.

The power of good music is an astounding thing.  So here’s the song that has been on my mind and my lips today.