CatchLight- Pathway


Sometimes the prettiest places are hidden in plain sight, and its up to us to notice.  Case in point, this little pathway at work that I walk on frequently enough not to notice.  Wonder how much more of the world’s beauty I’ve missed because I’ve never bothered to notice.  I think I had a similar revelation about something else recently – that time passes us by whether we notice or not, because just like that 2/3rd of September 2017 is almost over, and I still feel like December 2016 was yesterday – is it just me who wants to slow down time just to be able to savor the moments more, or in certain situations speed it up so as to quicken trying phases.

Ah well, for now I’m just having a good Tuesday and enjoying the holiday.

Peace & Love



CatchLight- and the fog lifted

The fog lifted just to reveal the beauty underneath it.

Sometimes it takes time for life’s plans to unravel, often one moment at a time, when you least expect it, the fog lifts and a path appears. If you ever find yourself feeling stuck or unable to move forward, know that that also has a lesson for you. Patterns often show up when we don’t learn these lessons.

It occurred to me yesterday, out of the blue, Life is a mirror. It is a reflection of you. Your life is what you are, so if you’re unhappy about your life, its time to take a closer look at yourself, and find a way to change it. This was one of the most powerful Aha moments in the recent past, accelerating my own introspection. More on this soon, when I have clarity to better articulate it.

Until then, there’s always enough beauty around us to make it all worthwhile.

Peace & Love


Another Aha Moment

One of my biggest Aha moments in the recent past was the realization that when I like something (or someone), I tend to have on rose-tinted glasses which disallows me from spotting red flags. I disregard any warning signs even if they are staring me right in the eyes, I dismiss well-meaning advice, simply because I project my own emotions on it. As a person who believes in good old fashioned hard-work I feel like, if something is worth having, it is worth the effort as well. I relentlessly plod along till I feel depleted in my soul. A lot of wasted time, efforts and disappointment later, its real worth dawns on me and I find myself wondering, what was I thinking? How was I not able to see the situation for what it really was?

There’s a reason why hindsight is 20/20! You have more information looking back, than when you did looking forward.

But the second part of my Aha moment was the fact that Time is finite. Our lives are limited to a number of years on this planet, having these experiences, the human lifespan is not 500 years where we get to keep circling around the same patterns, and playing the same games and realize too late that we have been wasting time living the same patterns.

They say the lessons keep repeating themselves until you learn what it was supposed to teach you. And to me, this feels like my lesson. It feels like the Universe is holding a mirror to my face, like I am meant to realize that I am getting the same patterns because I am yet to learn the lesson these experiences are trying to teach me.

I suppose, when you know better, you do better, and hopefully I get to do that without losing any more precious years.

Until next time.


On Aha moments

My biggest “Aha moment” (so far) came to me towards the end of 2016 – it was when I started noticing that a lot of my set in stone principles are actually evolving to be more fluid, to be more flexible (of course, there are certain exceptions to this).This obviously came as quite a surprise to me, simply because I’ve always been quite rigid in the way I perceived life, very black & white.

I’ve been realising that life is never set in stone, everything is constantly changing, everything comes in phases, time keeps passing us by, days change to night and then night changes to day, even the sky – if you sat under the sky for a while, you will notice that the clouds keep moving and changing, nothing ever stays the same, and doesn’t physics tell us exactly that about matter as well?

Anyway, over the course of certain experiences, I’ve begun to understand that NOTHING is constant, everything keeps changing, including (and most importantly) ourselves.

Am I the same girl I was 10 years ago – No (and thank god for that!)

Does this mean I was bad/wrong 10 years ago – again No, I was the best version of myself in the circumstances which existed 10 years ago.

With my world constantly changing and evolving, I have had to adapt and evolve as well (despite my own resistance), if not for anything else, just to be able to keep up.

Such have been the nature of my Aha moments, the ones which tended to sneak up on me, most often results of quiet reflection. I guess that’s just the thing about Aha moments – it is that you never realise it at the time of the actual event, at the time you are more focused on surviving the thing that leads to the Aha moment. I guess that’s how connecting the dots work. It can only be done backwards.

My latest and most profound one is that Life is transient, no two moments are alike, what is it about a river never being able to touch the same water twice? I think life is like that as well. No two moments are alike, no two circumstances are alike, heck, we are not alike ourselves under different circumstances.

So if life is this temporary, and this ephemeral, should we hold on to our anger and pettiness? That is the question I find myself asking when my most human quality of pettiness takes over my personality in certain situations. There are a few things that can still manage to bring out the worst, most petty parts of me, and with this new realisation I wonder if any of those things that make me feel petty are even worth my energy, in the grander scheme of things.

I haven’t yet figured out all the answers, of course, sometimes I just like reveling in realisations which leave my perspectives altered forever…

Today is one such day…

Until next time, stay safe & be good.