CatchLight- Cafe d’hide

One of the best finds in my city in the recent past is this adorable little cafe called Cafe d’hide.  It is tiny with probably only 7 or 8 tables, but the place is adorable and courteous service (always a plus in my book). With most of its decor in one of my favorite colors (turquoise), it is a perfect place for interesting conversations with old friends while you sip on cups of tea and have yummy cheese fries, that is both my testimony of the snack and its actual name on the menu.  If you’re even in my city, look it up! You’ll love it.

Peace & Love



An evening at the circus






Going to the circus brings back memories from my early childhood. And earlier this week, I had the pleasure of doing just that !! Re-living the memories from way back when.

I keep wishing I could have taken more photographs but the each act was so spellbinding that I had my hands firmly places on my face or over my mouth while I gasped and stared on with wonder and glee !! Truly mesmerising.

The show was a little over two hours long but it felt like it was over more quickly than that. It’s definitely true what they say, time sure flies when. You’re having fun. And an evening at the circus was more than fun..

I absolutely loved it and won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Until next time..


None the wiser- my fashion disasters !!

One of my favorite things to do is to dress up. One of my most cherished childhood memories was playing dress up, wearing different clothes, playing around with my mum’s make up, wearing her jewelry. While growing up, some of my milestones have been perfecting the art of applying eye-liner or apply lipstick without a mirror and getting it to look perfect, mixing and matching clothes that look cool and trendy and more such stuff.

So when I look back on how my style has evolved over the years, there are quite a lot of things I wore that make me cringe.

The thing about fashion I love most is the sense of whimsy, it’s no fun when taken too seriously. Having said that, there are some things no one should do. Fashionista or not !

Here are a few of my not-so-picture perfect fashion moments over the years.

Faux pas # 1- Crop Tops

Being a 90s kid, crop tops were a rage. (And like some freak of nature, its back !! Haven’t we learnt nothing !) Sadly, back in the 90s I didn’t know better, and wore crop tops. I wore them with skirts mostly.. (Cringe)

Faux pas # 2- Baggy jeans

There was a time when 6 pocket pants and baggy jeans ruled the street fashion in my city. Its a look I still like…. On a BOY…. preferably a tall one !!!!

I am neither tall nor am I a boy !!! But I wore baggy jeans with all the confidence in the world ! (double cringe)

Faux pas # 3- Sneakers

Unless I’m working out in a gym or going running, which is NEVER !! (I am a yoga and pilates doing girl) Sneakers are a BIG NO NO !

Of course, I have worn them, in my doe-eyed pre-teen and teen years, I used to wear sneakers with almost everything. Frocks with sneakers (For goodness’ sake) I don’t understand how my mum even let me out of the house wearing some of the things I’ve worn… *nods head disapprovingly*

Sneakers are comfy and might make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, but unless you’re an athlete, or while working out or unless you’re a boy, my tip is, Go easy on the sneakers.

Faux pas # 4- Clothes that don’t fit properly

Enough can’t be said about good fitting clothes. More so when you’re short and petite, wearing clothes that fit well definitely helps look sharp !

Sadly, some of my supremely cringe-worthy moments were due to clothes that don’t fit properly !!! Nothing’s worse than fussing over something ill-fitting, it does nothing but draw more attention..

Ideally, get Tailor made clothes, if that isn’t a workable option, the tip while buying clothes off the rack, get them altered wherever needed. Neighborhood tailors are a god send, and do the work for a  fairly inexpensive fee.

Faux pas # 5- exposed bra strap and wearing the wrong colored underwear

There’s a reason underwear is called UNDERwear, its not meant to be seen.

This is something that happens accidentally,when the bra strap peeks through a tank top. Unfortunately, It has happened to me too, when I haven’t worn clothes that fit me properly…. The only way to avoid such embarrassing situations is to buy good fitting clothes and underwear.. Its worth it. Trust me !!!

Faux pas # 6- Sandals with socks

I am literally crying while typing this out… My entire 5 years of law school as a series of fashion disasters, but the one that takes the prize is Sandals with socks… I hate to admit it, but I have worn them, mostly during winters, cause early morning classes would make me feel like I was going to freeze to my bone. So sadly, I too have committed this Cardinal Fashion Sin… *cries*

My tip is…. DON’T DO IT !!! no excuses, its a hideous look. Take it from someone who has worn it. Its not worth it..

Faux pas # 7- harem pants aka dothi pants

Thankfully I have never worn or owned harem pants. But while I am listing out the things one should never do, I figured I’d add this to my list as well.

It does nothing to flatter the body (even if you are a 6ft tall supermodel). In my opinion, its soooooo ugly, i don’t even feel like justifying it with an explanation.

Faux pas # 8- Over accessorising

Growing up, I LOVED Big chandelier earrings, I used to wear them ALL the time. Regardless of the outfit, I’d have BIG, colourful, earrings on. Hoops the size of bangles, earrings that almost made it to my shoulder, different shaped ones, you name it, I had it…

Although accessorizing is a great way to add a touch of glam to any outfit, overdoing it is never great ! Its distracting and noisy.

So lately I have adopted a more appealing signature style- A good watch, my pinki rings being the staples. I try using everything else sparingly…

Faux pas # 9- Kaftans

Hmmm what can I say about Kaftans without describing a pillow case. It is literally a Potato sack !! Again, its one of those outfits that do nothing to flatter any body-type.

The only acceptable time to wear a Kaftan top is when worn as a cover-all over a swimsuit on a beach.

Faux pas # 10- Kurtas with Jeans

So if you live in India and go to any college, you’ll get to see majority of the female population wearing Jeans with a Kurta. Its utilitarian. Its inexpensive. Its “decent”.

Well, This is not a look I would ever be caught dead in !! It looks hideous and does nothing for any body-type !!! Enough said !

Having listed some of the Biggest fashion disasters, I have to say I may be older but none the wiser. My fashion journey is far from over, and I’ll bet, a few years down the line, I’ll be writing something similar with plenty more of my own fashion choices that have gone horribly wrong. So use this list as a guide of what NOT to do. But if you’ve done them or if you’re doing them anyway, don’t sweat it !!! Fashion loses its point when it ceases to be fun !

Enjoy what you wear, Love what you wear, wear what you love with all the confidence you can muster. And chances are you’ll look like a million bucks anyway. (Yes, I’m the girl who always finds a silver lining) 🙂

So until next time, dare to explore and be your own brand of Fashionista !!!



Being someone who is super-active on a certain micro-blogging website, for the last few days I have noticed that the hashtag called #2013TaughtMe has been trending worldwide. Everyone is gung-ho about sharing with their followers what the year 2013 has taught them. Needless to say, it didn’t take me too long to jump on this trend bandwagon.

Just today, NOW, I am in the midst of an existential crisis of my own, which is making me question the very foundation of my life, its meaning, its value, just about everything.

As I sit here, in this state of limbo, I can’t help but recall some of the most valuable lessons 2013 has taught me, stuff that got reinforced and How !

Lesson # 1- #2013TaughtMe NEVER to take ANYTHING for granted !

Not the people, not the circumstances, not my health, not the small, seemingly insignificant things (Especially the smaller, “insignificant” things)

Lesson # 2- #2013TaughtMe that not everyone I consider as friends are REALLY my friends.

This is one lesson I learn over and over and over again, and each time, it breaks my heart just as badly as it did the first time. Certain circumstances have hurt me and shaken me to my very core and made me realize that regardless of how much you consider someone to be your friend, they could turnaround and prove you dead-wrong ! The disintegration of any relationship, to me, acts as a reminder to appreciate the ones that I am sure about. And as the years pass, the smaller that list is getting.

Lesson # 3- #2013TaughtMe that sometimes not getting what we want is the best thing !

This one was a toughie.. Its not the easiest thing to do to feel like something great is happening when you don’t get what you want, especially when that certain something is all you can hope for. But when the moment of anguish has passed and life goes on, there will come a day when you can look back, and somehow all the dots connect and everything makes sense, making you realize that the not happening of a certain thing (regardless of how badly you wished for it, at the time) was the best thing that could have happened.

Life somehow always works out… Its weird, But true !!

Lesson # 4- #2013TaughtMe that friendships come ONLY second to FAMILY.

The true ones, we all have at least one of this variety. The truly valuable, truly effortless love for another person who isn’t related to you by blood. The one (or few, if you’re wonderfully blessed) true friend, those that come only once in a lifetime, and once is just enough because these are the kind that stick by your side for the long haul.

These one or two or three (I’m not putting an exact number on this) people come only second to Family. In a certain way, they are family. 🙂

Heaven knows I love them !!!

Lesson # 5- #2013TaughtMe that I would take a Bullet for my family.

My family is the Biggest part of who I am. I owe my existence to my Parents, without them, I would not be here. Everything I am, everything I stand for starts and ends with my family and I couldn’t be more proud !!! And it is exactly this, that will take me far in life. I truly believe it !

Words fall terribly short when it comes to expressing my love and gratitude for my family. I can only try…. The best, most valuable lesson this year taught me is this !!! My Family is the biggest, most powerful force in Me. How can I not be confident ! 🙂

Some of my moments when life has managed to knock me down to my knees, I’ve looked up to find my family, always by my side. No matter what !!

Now if that isn’t something to be grateful for, I don’t know what is.

I love them more than words can ever tell.. One day I will make them proud, I promise !

Lesson # 6- #2013TaughtMe that Love isn’t always like a Disney movie.

Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a Disney princess (hell, that’s all I want EVEN NOW !!!) But this year has taught me that true love, as perfect as it is, is not like it is in the movies. For one, life isn’t just 3 hours long. “True love’s kiss” doesn’t miraculously solve all of life’s problems, although it makes the hurdles that life throws at us more bearable.

For my true love (for now, lets just call him, the boy in the black suit and blue shirt), I just want to express gratitude that I met him ! I’m truly blessed.

My parents are the family I am blessed with, and he is the family my heart has chosen. I love him with everything I’ve got, unconditionally, without restrictions, without limits, without boundaries.

Life is no disney movie now that I have him, but its wonderful all the same !! 🙂

Lesson # 7- #2013TaughtMe to be unapologetic about my choices.

Its so funny how the people who contribute least to your life are the ones who are the most demanding !!! Realizing that I don’t OWE anyone ANY answers (or anything at all, for that matter) has been one of the most liberating lessons this year has taught me. My choices are mine, My consequences are mine and My life is mine.

Lesson # 8- #2013TaughtMe to Let Go.

The facade of control is the biggest illusion of my life, I am merely a spec in this mighty universe, and its hilarious if I think that I am fully in control of life !

Lesson # 9- #2013TaughtMe that I love the rush of Adrenalin. 

This was the year that I did my first bungee Jump. And boy did I love it !!!! It was the most exhilarating experience of my life ! I LOVED IT and I will definitely be doing more of that in the years to come…

Lesson # 10- #2013TaughtMe that I adore travelling !!!

I knew this all along, but this year reinforced it. I’m going to promise myself that I will do a LOT more of that in the coming years. Travelling, one of life’s bigger pleasures !!!

To live out of a suitcase, to eat yummy food, to see the world, to wear fabulous clothes, to take pretty photos and write, isn’t that the dream !!!! *sigh*

Lesson # 11- #2013TaughtMe that I love to write.

I’ve always known that I love to write, this year re-introduced me to my love of the written word, starting this blog (albeit at the fag end of 2013) has been one of the best things I have done this year. It gives me a thrill when I write. To put my thoughts into words.

One day, and I hope that day isn’t far, I hope that my words inspire someone, affects someone (or many someones 🙂 a girl can dream) even if in the slightest way..

Lesson # 12- #2013TaughtMe that the Big Guy in the Sky is always looking out for me.

This year, I have had numerous almost- accidents, driving in bangalore roads isn’t the easiest thing. But I am grateful that The big guy protected me. My faith in him has never been stronger.

And visiting the Miracle Ganesha temple, not once, but two times gave me answers to the questions that have been haunting me. For that, I have to take the moment to say, Thank You. 🙂

Sometimes its good to just take time to look up at the mighty skies and say thank you !!!

I do 🙂

Lesson # 13- #2013TaughtMe that I am very Morbid.

Not sure if that’s a good thing, but this year has taught me more than ever that life is so beautiful because death is a certainty. I once read somewhere that, the best preparation for death is finding yourself.

What is life, if not a journey of just that… Finding ourselves, finding our passion, finding something that moves us, finding our voice, our calling, our purpose,

After all, our time here in this glorious world is limited, and that might be the only realization some of us need to make life even more beautiful. Really cherish every moment.. Morbid as I sometimes am, I love life.

I’m sure 2013 has taught me many many many more things, if I start to reminisce, I could possibly write a book, but I figured I’d stop at 13… 13 lessons from 2013, has a pretty good ring to it, no ?

For now, I have to get back to the humdrum of life like putting together my outfit worthy of welcoming a brand new year !!! 🙂 Hehehee not complaining at all !

Until next time…