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CatchLight- Fly

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Story behind the Click – When I noticed the stark contrast of the blue skies and the white clouds, I knew it would make a pretty picture, and while I stood there finding the perfect frame & clicking some trial shots, this bird flew into frame, and made it even more dramatic than I could’ve hoped for.

Its so easy to forget that we are always surrounded by beauty and grandeur which is beyond the mundane. Remember, when you constantly seek beauty, you find that it is all around you, in the perfect symmetry of everyday objects, in the sky, in nature’s little critters, in people around you, in the kindness of your own heart. Everything.

Appreciate more than you criticize, and see for your yourself how life transforms.

Peace & Love


CatchLight- The perfect canvas 

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Have you ever looked up at sky and felt overwhelmed by how endless it is, or felt melancholic that it keeps changing so often that you can’t make more memories together. The sky makes me fall in love with it each time, the clouds, the stars, the moon with all its phases, the colours and the patterns, I love it all.

If you ever feel like the the world has left you feeling run down, lie down on the lap of momma earth, and look up at one of nature’s most stunning masterpieces – the mighty sky.

Stay there till you realise that beauty is all around us, and it’s up to us to find it.

See you next time.


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Sometimes life throws you massive curve balls, when you’re minding your own business, trying to live peacefully, work, take care of your responsibilities, suddenly the ugliness of the world is thrown at you, and whether you like it or not, it is suddenly your business to deal with.

When this happens, there are only two options (at least, the way I see it):

  1. You can ignore it and hope that troubles go away on their own (they rarely do); or
  2. You can grab it by the *insert word of your choice* and handle it, and make it go away.

I’m from the school of thought which believes in the latter. If something has to be done, its best done asap before you let fear/frustrations get the better of you.

Having said that, I have come to realize (more so than ever), that life also gives you unexpected beauty, kindness and compassion every step of the way, and sometimes its as simple as a beautiful sky, a quiet moment to savor unfiltered beauty, and if you are too busy focusing on the curve balls, you’ll miss all the good.

It is true what they say, counting your blessings instantly uplifts and changes your day.


Last evening, perhaps like every evening, the sun, the clouds and the trees decided to stop me in my tracks while I was rushing through my day. And for that I am most grateful I got this moment.

Time to slow down and take a snapshot (in your mind or one with a camera) just for you to go back to when ugliness rears its head.