CatchLight- SoBo Memories

South Bombay aka SoBo brings back some fond memories, but this one is my favorite, standing in front of the iconic Taj Mahal hotel looking at the Gateway of India, but because of the never ending crowd of people, I couldn’t get a clear shot of the monument.

Dejected, I just started looking around and found this sight, the tiny boats and vast sky, and realised this was what I was meant to click.

Peace & Love



Bombay Diaries: 5 things that make me Smile!

After a wonderful long weekend spent at Bombay (I can never call it Mumbai, I don’t know why?), I can’t stop smiling and thinking about all the fun I’ve had there. A more detailed post will definitely follow with a lot of photographs and details about what all one can do in that busy busy city will be up shortly. But before I get to that, here are 5 things about Bombay that make me smile endlessly:

# 5- The Sea, the sound and sight of the foamy waves, the salty air, the breeze as we walked by marine plaza. I could have sat there forever just looking at the water. It still makes me smile.. 😀

# 4- The Chariot Ride at midnight, we went on a ride on chariots (called Victoria) with twinkling lights and colorful flowers, giggling like little kids and waving at everyone on the street. The fact that we were “out of town-ers” was obvious to everyone, I’m sure. And we didn’t care one bit! It was super fun and every time I Think about it, it still makes me smile! 😀

# 3- Kitab Khana, a quaint book shop with a tiny cafe that sells yummy food. I had a Dabeli and a coffee and walked around the book shop and it felt just like heaven. If I ever make it back to Bombay, Kitab Khana is one of the places I’m definitely going to revisit. Just the memory of that building, those books and all the food makes me smile. 😀

# 2- The beautiful buildings, I lost track of how many beautiful buildings I saw in Bombay, be it while walking around in Kala Ghoda or Flora fountain, Horniman Circle or Ballard Estate (I can’t recollect many of the names of the places), the vintage look of the city and the beautiful sights that left me starry eyed, it still makes me smile… 😀

And finally the # 1 fact about Bombay that I love and gush about….

*Drum Roll*

# 1- Bombay, the city where the boy who has my heart was born!! And that was something that made me smile long before my trip. And its not the kind that just touches my face for all to see, its the kind that makes my heart swell with joy.. ❤ 😀

So finally, after my first trip of 2015, with photos, memories and stories to tell, I just have to say, Bombay, its been a pleasure. I see why so many people fall in love with the city. And I will definitely come back soon!

Here’s wishing you, my dear reader, a year filled with smiles, laughter and merry memories… See you next time..

Until then,