#Bookstagram 3

#Bookstagram 3 – What would Audrey do?

One of the books I’ve really looked forward to reading in recent times is What would Audrey Do? Timeless Lessons for Living with Grace and Style, by Pamela Keogh.  Despite the fact that it has mixed reviews, I am hopeful and here for it.

It looks pretty girly with a white & pink colors and lovely Audrey gracing the cover.  It promises to be a primer on all things Audrey, a guide to living the Audrey way, with grace and style!  I can’t wait to read it.

Watch this space for my review.

Lets Read.



Sunday Rituals

Sunday Rituals

When I was younger, I detested Sundays, because it meant I would have to go to School the next day.  But now, Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week, even though it means I have to go to work the next day.  Now I have a ritual which I enjoy so much, that on some dull days, I remind myself whats waiting for me.

So my Sunday ritual goes something like this:

  • The morning starts off with some much needed de-cluttering and tidying up;
  • Followed by mentally readying my outfits for the coming week;
  • And then bit of writing and reading;
  • This is followed by pampering and indulging myself with some kind of face, body and hair mask; (on a side note: whoever invented sheet masks is my favorite person)
  • Followed by a quick mani-pedi, so all set for looking sharp the next week;
  • Then, I set up and click a few of my Bookstagram photos, of books I’ve read and the ones I plan on reading.

By the time all this is done, my morning is over, and its on the next.

Sundays are also meant to catch up with family, or sometimes go out for a late meal or an impromptu movie, in an attempt to stretch the weekend as long as possible, I suppose.

All I’m saying is, turning some of the little things into rituals makes it special, and the more you do it, the more joy it will give you.

My Sunday rituals await me.

Happy Weekend!


When things don’t add up


When things don’t add up

Lately (say the last 3 years or so), I have begun to notice that people are often amazing when it comes to Talk.  Most are beautifully articulate, they can promise you the moon and stars, as long as it can remain just Talk.  They will tell you all the things they think you want to hear, but when it comes to backing it up with action, they falter.  And when they risk getting called out on it, or when it simply comes time to walk the talk, they freak, leading to the dreaded Ghosting.


Aptly named, after all it is one of the scariest phenomena in modern dating!

Yep, I think this is it.

But, no matter how cynical I get, I can’t help but feel like people (for the most past) are good, which is why I no longer pay too much attention to words, or even tone of voice, or body language, I look out for consistent patterns (or the lack thereof), and find that very few people actually live up to the things they say.  Most just disappear. *shrugs*

More on this soon (with more clarity, hopefully).



#Bookstagram 2

#Bookstagram 2

Continuing my effort at creating a good (consistent and aesthetic) Bookstagram feed.  Finding books from my TBR (luckily I have most of these books at home), stacking them, and setting goals for the week (and hopefully keeping it up).

More updates on the books and my opinions on them, coming soon.

Peace & Love