Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Every year, all of December is pretty much a build-up to Christmas, and in little ways every single thing done towards Christmas celebrations make the whole month special. Its almost like every single event is a mini celebration. Whether it is shopping for gifts (for others and self), putting up Christmas lights, attending a baking workshop, catching up with friends and family over good food and unlimited laughter, decorating the tree, or this year specifically downloading the MOST Christmas-y app called Kira Kira (which means Glitter in Japanese) which adds (an always welcome) sparkle to some our Christmas tree photos (and lately most of my other photos as well).

I hope your December has been as eventful and busy as mine, and the month is only about halfway done.

Cheers & good vibes



Christmas Vibes

Christmas Vibes – Unexpected gifts

Receiving gifts unexpectedly makes me feel so overwhelmingly grateful (irrespective of what the gift turns out to be) that my first thought after utter gratitude is to run to the shops to buy gifts for all my favorite people, or at the very least visit amazon and fill up my cart.  Perhaps this is the real spirit of Christmas, which goes beyond trees and tinsel! And probably why December and Christmas are so important to me.

With less than 20 days to go for my second favorite day of the year (no prizes for guessing the first), its no surprise that December has been all about gifts (both giving and getting), and even more about joyous moments.

Happy December!


Feliz Navidad <3


colorful_christmas_tree-1920x1200Couldn’t sleep a wink last night cause I was so excited it was Christmas, finally… I’ve been waiting for it since last Christmas, just as I do every year..

The mistletoe, the tinsel, the tree, the bells, the songs, old St. Nick, family, miracles, just everything, that’s what I love about this holiday..

This year, I’m spending a few moments in the morning to write this and wish all the good folks on here, and then I’m off, the most coveted present that I’m wishing for is the presence of the people I love more than anything in the world.

And a special shout out to mi corazon, you know who you are, know that I’m wishing for you most of all… Merry Christmas, hero ❤

And i wish the same for you, may you get more than what you wished for.

Merry Christmas, and much Love.


Winter Dream…

Perfect way to start the Christmas week, this song has been playing pretty much on the loop all day and I can’t stop feeling thrilled!!!

Don’t Wake me up
If this is love
Please let me be
Swept completely off my feet
This snow globe scene is turning me
This Christmas Eve
“I” became “we”
Don’t wake me please
From this winter dream
Winter dream

Music makes my heart smile, Always… ❤

Happy Holidays..