CatchLight- Familiar Paths

Some paths are so familiar that we can walk it with our eyes closed, and that is what living life on auto-pilot feels like. Have you driven on the same route so many times that when you reach your destination you take a moment to think how you got there, did you jump any red lights?

That’s the thing about routine, our muscle memory takes over, which means that our minds are no longer observing its surroundings, or looking at the world in wonder anymore. Our bodies are just present and functioning.

I think that’s why the line – Stop and smell the roses – is such a favorite among life coaches & new age gurus (& me – I love roses ;)). But they aren’t really telling us anything new, we already know this stuff, perhaps we have allowed ourselves to forget because we are so busy being busy, caught up in our routine.

Being mindful means to live deliberately, to make choices that enhance you and the world around, to make each interaction meaningful, to switch off auto-pilot mode and engage all your senses as you take on each day.

Pictured above is the path I walk every day, its only recently that I have started noticing how – the trees allow very little sun rays to reach us, or  how the leaves rustle gently as the wind blows, or how squirrels who are snacking on nuts and scamper when people walk by, of how there are flowers of all my favorite colors on the trees that line this path. Every day beauty surrounds us, so does ugly, it is all a matter of perspective. Slow down and look around, you might find something that stops you in your tracks in awe.

Peace & Love