Goodbye 2017


Goodbye 2017

While I get ready to bid adieu to 2017, I can’t help but reflect on the last 12 months and recap the good, the bad, and the glorious.

Last year on NYE, I was stuck on my back (literally), an aftermath of my slipped disc (endured in mid December 2016). Its been a little over a year since that day AKA the most painful experience of my life, so far (as my dad very helpfully pointed out), and my back is still not completely recovered. I am hyper aware when I sit on uncomfortable chairs, still don’t do certain asanas, and the pain comes and goes in waves, as pain usually does.

So as I sit here thinking of that horrible day, I can’t help but think of how far I’ve come, and how quickly this year has passed me by. There were the highest of highs and the most disturbing events as well, but for the most part I’m grateful for 2017. Its been a year of  major revelations and big lessons, but certainly not as brutal as 2015 and 2016 (Thankfully).

So staying true to my favorite kind of writing AKA making lists, here is my last list of the year: 17 things I will certainly not be taking with me into 2018.

  1. Toxic Self-talk – I learnt it only after my back got messed up that being overtly critical of my body is only accelerating the rate of its entropy, and that is NOT a good thing. Whether it is about my physical or mental well being, it can all ONLY be achieved with Love. My own internal monologue has undergone drastic shifts in the last few months, and it will only continue this way in the coming year.
  2. Self-sabotaging habits – like letting every unnecessary thing stress me out, compromising on my own inner peace. That’s got to go!
  3. Toxic People – We all know them, and even if I don’t even mention names, I know the words “Toxic people” will evoke certain person/s in your own lives,  I too have a few I can think of. People who are covertly nasty, or give make you feel like you’re not good enough. Well, I’ve got 2 words for you, darlings! Bye Felicia!
  4. Eating out too much –  the plan is to cook more and try to eat healthier.
  5. Impulsive shopping – This is a biggie, but if I can pull this off, I will be very proud of myself. This has nothing to do with shopping itself and everything to do with not being smart with my money and spending on things that I don’t even need.
  6. Clutter – And because of this habit of impulsive shopping, I end of having a collection of things I don’t even need, and spend a considerable amount of time de-cluttering and tidying up. Sounds inefficient, doesn’t it!
  7. Buying new books before I finish reading the books that I already own – This is going to be so difficult, but for this very reason, maybe it is exactly what I need in 2018.
  8. Accepting being an “Option” – Never again. If I’m not a priority, I’m out. Does it sound selfish, well, perhaps it is, and its exactly what I need to do. Make myself a priority and not give people (guys) the chance to treat me like a back-up.
  9. TMI on Social Media – After spending 2 harrowing months (i.e., approximately 17% of 2017) and living in fear at the behest of a stranger, I have changed how I use Social Media (no more tagging friends & family or geo-tagging my posts, to name a few), and have completely quit Facebook (I now only have a hate-hate sentiment about it.  FB, more like FU). I’m not even sorry.
  10. Saying NO by default to Socializing/Invites – This is going to be difficult, but I think I should be a little less anti-social. But that certainly doesn’t mean saying yes to every invite. Striking a balance, or at least trying to.
  11. Hating on Technology – Technology is not as bad as I once thought, after all, my little blog is possible only because of Technology, and one of my favorite hobbies (Photography) is all about gear and technique. SO no more hate!
  12. Second guessing my instincts – I can think of numerous instances where I’ve done that in 2017, and 100 % of the time, I’ve regretted it. You live and you learn.
  13. Fast fashion – Fast fashion isn’t good for the environment, its not good for small businesses, and its certainly not very good for my pocket. No more fast fashion. Hello Minimalism.
  14. Certain Salon treatments – As someone with very sensitive skin, getting facials, manis, and pedis usually leave my skin red and angry, so no more torturing my skin over things that are marketed as an indulgence.
  15. Being Rude Back – Sometime I tend to be rude back to people who are rude to me.  Now I’m not claiming I’m some saint, and that I’ll turn into a doormat in 2018, but I will strictly live by “If I can’t say something nice, I’ll say nothing at all”.
  16. Always being less than satisfied about my fitness – One of the most valuable lessons of this year has been Acceptance. Acceptance and embracing EXACTLY how I am, bad back et al.
  17. Feeling guilty about other people’s actions – That gets left behind today. 

2018 awaits with a clean slate and a world of possibilities.

Goodbye 2017, you’ve been lovely.



Until we meet again

This song sounds like a goodbye, but when you really listen, you’ll hear differently.

every place I go. I think of you.

every song I sing, I sing for you.

Its impossible to leave behind the ones you carry in your heart. You take them everywhere you go.To the ones we have lost, to the ones who got on that jet plane and left us. To the ones who left without a goodbye, to the ones who we couldn’t have enough time with (time’s never enough, is it ?). I know we will meet again soon..