Crowning glory


Crowning Glory

All my life, one of my favorite things about myself has been my hair. Its always been easy to manage, despite all the damaging experiments I’ve tried on it. After all, the fact that it has survived a Perm, and still continues to shine thrills me to no end. Of course, like anything, it gets its share of TLC.

Life Hack for confidence: If there’s something you love about yourself, take care of it. Nurture it. Take pride in it. Love it. And it will be a gateway to find more things you like (love!) about yourself. Voila… Confidence!

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Hack- Word association with a twist

Have you ever had an idea so brilliant which you were sure would make for great content, but the only problem was that said idea flashed before you when you were busy doing something else, not necessarily with access to a pen and a paper.  These past few days have been filled with such moments, most times when I’ve been at meetings or in the shower or in an uber on the way to work.  And once your preoccupation ends, the spark is also gone.

It makes me wonder if I imagined it, and question whether it happened at all.

The Hack is I write EVERYTHING down now, even if it is just key words or a little doodle to help me remember it later.

Now, I know I said without access to paper and a pen, so here’s the actual hack which works for me, as soon as the idea occurs, I think of a song (kinda like word association with song) and let it play in my head till I can find a pen and a paper, and more often than not, that song and idea come back to me long after the idea has been executed.

Its weird how our minds work, but sometimes these little tricks help make life easier. 🙂

Peace & Love



Life Hack – Being here, now

One of my favorite Eckhart Tolle advice on being in the now are two of the most simple exercises which require less than 5 minutes of your day – 

  1. Take deep breaths – breathe in and observe as your body fills up with air as you inhale; and exhale while observing your body move with each of your breaths. Your breath is proof that you are alive, after all it is the universal life force, its an easy way to remind yourself that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  Now.
  2. Wash your hands – and while you do, notice how the water feels as it flows onto your skin forming small bubbles, observe your hands and all its details – your ring, the veins, maybe that little freckle you had long forgotten existed, smell the soap. A simple task like washing your hands can bring you to the this very moment.

My very own variation to these exercises is to allow myself a few moments to observe my surroundings especially when I feel like I am caught up in the rut.  I stop and take stock of my surroundings, the color of the fluorescent light in the room, the whirring sound of the ceiling fan, the sound of the ticking clock, my handbag as it sits on my desk with my favorite pair of sunglasses hanging on it, how my chair feels comforting and secure beneath me. As I take in all the details which seem familiar and often overlooked, and how it all makes me feel, I am.

Life as we know it (& just as it is meant to be) is in motion right now, for each of us, all over the planet.

Welcome to the present moment, your life. The beautiful Now.

Where else do we have to be?

Peace & Love



CatchLight- Plantation

Riddle: What does the city girl who works a fairly stressful job in a big city where even ones daily commute requires no less preparation than going to war most need on a getaway?

Answer – A lot of green, no other sounds other than birds, and hills that nearly kiss the blue skies.

The Ooty Tea Plantations are famous, and one of my favorite quaint little towns in the south.  When the city makes you feel ragged with its cold indifference or brutal harshness, get into a car and drive to the neighborhood hill station, even if its just for a weekend.  Your soul will thank you for it.

Peace & Love