For the ages

Ever so often, I come across something that makes me stop and think about what I want in life. When I saw this picture of this gorgeous couple while scrolling through my favorite social media platform, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it, save it, and share it. Anything that lasts the test of time gets my respect, antiques that last for centuries, old cars that still work perfectly, marriages/romances/friendships that last decades, they all have one common denominator – someone (or some people) who chose to take care of something with loving care.

I used to be very irreverent (subconsciously) and not treat things with the respect they deserve, and tossing things around (especially my phone), not bothering to put things back in its place right away. And I’d be puzzled when they didn’t last forever. Unfortunately that is what happens when things are taken for granted. Think about it, whether its things or people, taking something for granted is the shortest route to its demise. I’ve lost friendships (over the years) because I’ve taken them for granted or vice versa. I’ve broken cherished things because of not treating them with care, and felt foolish (and wasteful) when replacing them.

Something about pictures like these act as reminders that when you treat your belongings/relationships with care, so they will last you for the ages, and don’t need to be replaced very often.

Realizing this in recent years have impacted everything I do (more importantly how I do). It is something that makes all my actions feel more deliberate and intentional.

Seriously, who doesn’t want forever?

Much Love



Barbie dreams

Barbie Dreams

Growing up, my favorite cousin and I had a HUGE collection of Barbie dolls and all the goodies to go with it. It took us years to build the collection and we would take turns keeping them in each of our houses, one year at my place, and one year at hers. And come summer holidays, we would spend hours, every day playing dress up with our dolls, creating elaborate stories, and having the time of our lives.

Even back then I had the biggest crush on her shoes. Even before the red sole took over social media, even before Carrie Bradshaw, we had Barbie and her shoes. Back then Barbie had ONLY heels, and skipper, ken, and the babies had flat shoes. Barbie was all about the glamour. And we LOVED it.

Which is why even now, when I see so much hate or negativity about this particular toy, I just don’t get it. As kids we had around 50 dolls, and countless pairs of shoes, hair brushes, clothes, tiaras, bangles, briefcases, handbags, sunglasses, everything. Now the Barbie doll has changed to be more of an everyday woman, well I still love it. I think a part of me will always love this doll.

One summer our whole collection got stolen. We have no idea who took it, but the whole set just vanished, and whoever took it was careless enough to leave a few remnants – one shoe, one hairbrush and some other little trinket – we searched the whole house inside and out, from basement to the attic, from the library to my cousin’s parents room, we were hysterical, we spent an entire summer day searching, only to end up in tears about the fact that our beloved collection had indeed been stolen, and we couldn’t do anything about it. We were probably 10 years old at the time, and someone, some cruel horrible person, had stolen our dolls. That was literally my first big life lesson about this world. That it doesn’t matter even if you’re just a child, there are people awful enough to do this kind of shit (and way worse, but that’s for another time). Our summer holidays weren’t the same anymore. It made us not want to collect anything anymore for the fear of feeling such heartbreak. A part of my childhood died that day.

But that’s not what this post is about. Growing up we played dress up with these larger-than-life dolls, and aspired to be just like her. Barbie let us believe we could be ANYTHING we wanted, a lawyer or an astronaut, a journalist, a teacher or even a princess. Anything we dreamed of, we could be. And when sky was the limit, little me dreamed of being Barbie, with her glossy long hair, and colorful clothes for every occasion, and accessories to match. I dreamed of being her.

Needless to say, when I first started working I started my shoe collection – heels if I’m being specific – and I wear them every chance I get. And a few times when I’ve been out and about doing my routine things, little girls aged about 5-7 have come running up to me just to tell me that I look like Barbie and run away before I can even thank them. Not knowing that they’ve made my day (probably even my whole week). At times like these, the little girl whose heart was brutally broken because someone stole all her dolls, rejoices because no one can steal something that is part of you.

Sometimes, our childhood dreams do come true. And if we’re really really lucky, others can see it too.

Much Love



Life 101


As someone who is constantly surrounded by Professors and Teachers, I tend to be hyper-aware when lessons are being taught.  But I find that the best and sometimes the most brutal teacher in life is Life itself.  After all its lessons don’t come in text books designed with a beginning, middle, and end, or a specific purpose, or at a specific timing.  Life has a way of throwing lessons at you when you least expect it.  You either learn on the first try or get knocked down to your knees (sometimes many times) till you learn what you are meant to learn.  Sometimes there isn’t even any indication to show you that what you think you’re learning is the lesson that’s meant for you at that time.  The game of dodge ball comes to mind.

On the occasion of Teachers day, I can’t help but think of some of my favorite lessons, and by favorite I mean the ones that made the most impact.  Life 101 if you will.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time

The great Maya Angelou said this, and how true it is.  Notice how she doesn’t use the word “Tells”, because it isn’t about the words people use.  People often tell you what they think you want to hear, which means there will always be little room to believe that it isn’t necessarily true or they perhaps don’t necessarily believe it, but  they simply say it because they think its what you want to hear, and for whatever reason want to gain your trust.  Notice more of what people do when they’re not using their words, or if things add up when its time to walk the talk.

Which brings me to the next one…

If something appears too good to be true, it probably is

I’m rarely genuinely surprised by people anymore.  Which makes me a bit sad, really.  Perhaps life has made me a bit too cynical (for my age?), but I suppose it is what happens when people show you time and time again that when they are trying too hard to make something appeal to you, there are almost always things behind the veil of pretense which will definitely NOT appeal to you.  If not this, sometimes the timing is just off, or the twist of fate is such that things don’t play out the way you had hoped.  Either way, this lesson is indelibly etched in my soul.

ALWAYS always always trust your instincts  

If something doesn’t add up, don’t let your stubbornness make excuses by giving it the benefit of doubt.  Whether it is a particular circumstance, person, activity, investment.  Anything.  I often describe Instincts as simply knowing.  Your soul knows.  How, why what, when, are questions which your conscious mind asks when in doubt.  But your instincts or your higher self or whatever you call it, simply knows.

When you know you know.  Trust your instincts.  It protects you and often helps you dodge bullets that you are not ready (or capable) to handle.

I can recount numerous instances where I have disregarded my instincts and tried to force the proverbial square peg to a round hole, and 100% of the time those things haven’t worked out.  Not only not worked out, it has blown up in my face.  100% track record is enough to make me never want to question it.

Life is Short, don’t waste it on things that don’t (shouldn’t) matter

Because just like that, it is already September of 2017.  I still remember wanting 2016 to end, and it feels like yesterday.  But time keeps passing us by irrespective of whether we are ready for it or not.  Suddenly it feels like our best times are rapidly trying to race past us.  Well, bottom line is, life is as precious as it is short.  And its pretty short.  🙂

And finally my favorite one of all…

Live un-apologetically

Your life is yours.  Live it the way it feels right for you.  Don’t worry about other people validating it or approving your choices.  Live.  No explanations or justifications needed.  You owe yourself at least that much.

Happy Teachers, Life. You’ll ALWAYS be my favorite.

Peace & Love




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This is what happens when you let only your emotions write a post, and especially when some of my emotions can come in waves (and some like tsunamis) –

Have you ever been idealistic about life, the world and the universe, and then some after the passage of time (say a few decades), you sort of feel like the odds are always stacked against you? Or that the thoughts you once held dear, you now feel disenchanted by?

All these thoughts seem way more daunting when you believe in the law of attraction (always working) because you now are sending out less than the highest vibrations to the universe…

Which brings me to my next dilemma- if everything in our lives is what we have attracted into our being, does it mean, that even without realising it, we are emitting energies that do not serve us?

it’s a bit of an existential conundrum.. very counter-intuitive. So how to feel less disenchanted with everything??

The point is, sometimes no matter how rational, balanced or collected we are, our emotions get to us. For me, when I don’t adequately vent or release pent up energies, they build up, slowly and insidiously at first,until it gets to a point that at the smallest provocation (sometimes not even provocations at all), something snaps. My emotions take hold of me till it is all acknowledged and released, sometimes taking days when I walk around with the proverbial grey cloud over my head.

It feels like an unhealthy pattern to me, because the truth is, ideally we should never hold on to negativity, because it soon turns toxic and manifests in different forms, like lowered resistance towards allergies or common colds, stress pimples, etc. But Life is such that sometimes there isn’t enough time or enough energy left at the end of the day to do this work (I call it work because it is a deliberate thing), heck, some days I barely have enough energy to take off my makeup before I crash.

The point I am trying to make is that sometimes we are on the brink of exhaustion and we don’t even realise it, and it comes off looking like disenchantment.

So I deal with it the best way I know how – I write about it. Lets face it writing develops us as much as we develop it. It is powerful and insightful, and at times downright necessary.

Here’s to a Friday without too much upheavals.

Peace & Love