#Bookstagram 7: So many books, so little time.

#Bookstagram – So many books, so little time. 

One of the things I do every year, almost involuntarily, is set year-end goals.  Come December and suddenly there’s a sense of urgency in the air, like I have so much to do, and just not enough time to do it all.  Normally I have weight related goals that get majorly fussed about, like I want to fit into a certain dress for the Christmas party or have a certain waist size by NYE, and of course, a plan to make it all happen (I’m nothing if not a woman with a plan!) – workout 15 minutes more each day, maybe avoid eating out altogether till 24th December, avoid desserts, skip that second course, etc. – very specific stuff that seldom work out that way.

This year my ticking clock (hahaha, I’m so pleased with myself for that) is urging me to tackle my TBR.  I find myself starting new books, even before I finish the ones I’m currently reading.  Simply because I want to read many more books before I’m ready to say goodbye to 2017.  Despite my inclination to mono-task, I’ve caught myself reaching for every book that catches my attention.  Its definitely the end of the year urgency.

Its all so silly, but whats life without a bit of whimsy (I’m assuming everyone gets the reference).  I know for a fact that days are going to pass one by one whether we’re ready or not, and we’ll one day find ourselves in 2018, and nothing would’ve changed (not really anyway).  I’m not buying the whole new year, new me spiel, because we will still pretty much be the same person in 2018 or 2020 or the years to come… (maybe older & wiser (hah!), or happier & more appreciative (one can certainly hope), or more grumpy & wrinkly (sigh), or everything depending on the day).  But somehow, this human created concept of time – hour, date, month, year, decade – puts a sense of urgency, like I have to outrun something.  And for the life of me, I don’t know what I am running from (or towards), or what I am supposed to outrun, all I know is there’s that need to do everything before the next year rolls by.

I don’t know why exactly this is, but I notice it every year with mild amusement, and this year my plan is to finish reading all the books I’ve started reading this month, and that’s about 5 books.  Well, its a good thing I’m doing the Weekend Readathon soon.

Happy Reading!!



Here and Now

Here and Now

Sometimes people string together ordinary words so beautifully that when you hear/read them you can’t help but stop and reflect.  And this is perhaps one of my favorite things about reading, that I get to enjoy the words of another, to feel something more, to notice something that I hadn’t in the past.  These are my most cherished moments of all.

Embrace the dewdrops of life before they disappear with the morning light.

I heard this today while I was doing my nails, and stopped halfway just to note it down, some words are worth stopping everything for.

Happy Weekend!





Most times life is about how we see it rather than what is, because our reactions to life are mostly dependent on how we perceive something (whether as good or bad).  I distinctly remember when my perspective about certain life lessons changed.  It wasn’t something I was trying to do, or seeking at the time, but just like that in one moment, my views changed, no longer shackled by my own expectations.  What was even better was not needing to explain or justify myself anymore.  I suddenly felt free, to simply be.

I read somewhere that carrying the past slows down whatever it is you’re trying to bring to the future.  But IMO, the past is gone (so is the person you were at the time), now is a clean slate, another chance to be better and do better.  And the future, uncertain (and certainly not an entitlement), so here’s our chance.

Happy Monday!



CatchLight- Signs

One of the patterns I have noticed is when life builds me up only to disappoint me in the end (if that is what it is), my emotions go blank because heavens know I despise wasting anything, especially time and energy, and the inevitable writers block hits.  Words don’t work unless you feel them.  Defense mechanism for each of us works differently, I suppose.

The only way to get over anything is to acknowledge it and release it, and once that is done, the beauty around us becomes visible again.  I try to look for signs, something that makes the ugliness you just endured, worth it.  Because anything in contrast it feels more stark, like a spark of euphoric joy after a prolonged period of being numb.  Like coming out of a movie theater, and facing a moment of blinding light of the world.  The light has always been there, its only up to us to look for it when we are finally ready.  When you look for signs, signs will come for you.  What is it about what you seek, seeking you right back.

Sadly, I have been hearing news about ghastly incidents from my circles these past few days, news of 2 untimely deaths being the most extreme.  And although these aren’t people who affect me personally, death is always a tragic reminder that life is meant for the living, feeling and savoring the good, bad & the ugly.

The sheer uncertainty of life is the equalizer which connects us all, and it makes me want to always train myself to look for beauty, because it is all so deliciously fleeting.  Like when a butterfly flits past you on a summer day.  It lasts just a few seconds, and if you’re me, it’ll make your soul dance with joy that the Universe just gave you a little wink to let you know it’s all going to be okay somehow.

When life feels too overwhelming, look for signs.

Peace & Love