4 Years


4 years of you

4 years ago, out of a desperate need for a creative outlet, I started this blog, and I haven’t regretted a second of it.  I’ve been fortunate enough to follow (and be followed, I love you guys) and interact with quite a few wonderful writers here, and refined my own writing skills over the years.  It has now become a personal journal of sorts, a home for my musings, no matter how nonsensical or odd.  I truly love this space, my little nook on the internet.

I know I haven’t always been regular in dedicating the time and effort this space deserves.  Be it due to writers block or just the un-glamorous rut of routine which keeps one busy through the day, and exhausted by the end of.

Regardless, I’m so grateful for all it has given me, a community, a creative outlet, and something to call my very own.  4 years have just flown, a mere flash, considering the bigger picture.  But its my flash, and one that lights up my heart 🙂

Happy 4th Birthday, my dear Flash. I’ll try to be better, I promise!



Random things

Random beauty

After reading somewhere (most likely, Pinterest) that putting a marble on a light source makes it look like the whole universe is trapped in it, I had no choice but to try it.  It didn’t look like the Universe, but it looked beautiful.  Sometimes the most random and seemingly insignificant things have potential to take your breath away.

Much Love



CatchLight- Cotton candy clouds

My eternally favourite canvas – the sky, with cotton candy clouds. I wish I could articulate my love for the endless sky better. But that’s the thing about language, it is frustratingly inadequate sometimes. 

Till I find the words for it, I suppose photos will have to suffice, after all they are worth a thousand words, no?

Peace & Love



CatchLight- Unexpected gifts

Life has a way of taking your breath away when you least expect it, with unexpected blessings. Today I was fortunate enough to see butterflies flitting about, had wonderful conversations with friends, a productive day at work and finally come home to get unexpected presents.

I find that you get more and more wonderful moments when you’re grateful for the ones you already have. Like attracting like is more a scientific fact than just new age-y stuff. Lately I have cultivated a life altering habit of counting my blessings instead of complaining.

Until next time, try counting your blessings. ❤