I’ve been drinking coffee since 7th grade, so more than half of my time here, and fell in love with it from first sip. On dreary days, its one of the things I truly look forward to. And like most coffee lovers, I like mine made a specific way: hot, but not so hot that it’ll burn my mouth, strong but softened in flavor by milk, and just a hint of sugar to cut the bitterness, served in large quantities. At the peak of my coffee drinking I used to drink about 4 or 5 mugs of coffee (which might not seem like a lot, but it was).

On exceptionally good days, I get it with a pretty view, on other days the hug in a mug is enough to make me happy.

Whoever figured out that these tiny beans could transform into one of the most delicious drinks has my eternal gratitude.




Good Vibes ONLY

Good Vibes ONLY

One of the phrases I’ve thought about most these past few days is this:

Good Vibes ONLY!

No matter how good we are, or how honest our intentions are, or how much self-love we have cultivated in our lives, encounters with rudeness, negative people or negativity in general is inevitable.  Perhaps it is because we are all on our own different paths, and have reached different levels of vibrations, but when you operate from a place of love, the lower vibrations stick out like a sore thumb.

And to quote my favorite meme, ain’t nobody got time for dat!


Let me elaborate, most people around you either don’t care or don’t like it when you are happy!  Now this probably sounds completely contradictory to the earlier paragraph (in terms of self-awareness), but stay with me.  Here is how the Society at large operates, most people have very little drive or make very little effort to elevate their own situation, and unfortunately thanks to the social media culture, they often use social media as a platform to constantly look at someone else’s feed, and instead to feeling happy/appreciative, they choose to vent out their own frustrations by judging and trolling.

Can you think of a happy successful person who trolls???


I’ve had so many experiences with people trolling me or mocking me or generally being rude, and I’ve also had amazing, lovely, and wonderful people who have become part of my online (and real life) community as well, and MOST shockingly its the people who know me in real life (and who I had perhaps expected better from)  who have turned out to be negative and not so nice (OBVIOUSLY not everyone I know irl, but you get the point), and its saddening that people can be so vicious, especially on social media, where the easier option is to simply hit “unfollow”.

When I was younger, this kind of overt/covert negativity used to bother me to tears, I used to think it utterly unfair when people who should be better (or at least that was as per my own skewed expectations), treated me so poorly for no apparent reason. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Thankfully that’s not the case anymore.  Now, there’s a realization that sometimes people you (may) like don’t like you back, and hence find it easier to not make any efforts at being compassionate.

I FINALLY stopped making excuses for other people and their actions, and instead of projecting my own inputs to such behavior/actions, I learnt to accept things exactly as they are.  If you show me who you are, I will believe you the first time.

How one acts is a direct reflection of who THEY are, and has nothing to do with you. And with that revelation, I finally put to rest a LOT of my own insecurities and healed a whole lot of wounds.

Anyway, something happened over the past few days which made me think of this a lot, and reflect on my own reaction to facing these energies.  I always feel like the most unkind people I’ve encountered have also been the most unhappy, I mean its humanly impossible to operate on such a negative level and be happy.  They’ll probably never admit it, but its very likely true.

Obviously I’ve lived on this planet long enough to know that it is not my role to “fix” anyone, but my role is to perhaps fix only myself, my own reactions, perceptions, and energies. Because what you emit comes back, energetically speaking.  And it makes me wonder if I am inadvertently operating on these lower frequencies of vibes.

(I know, I know, all this may sound very new-agey, but at this point, it feels like its clarifying a lot of things for me, so bear with me, or not, that’s okay too).

So I made a little pact with myself today, which is: no matter what other people say/think/believe/do, I will focus only on living as brilliantly as possible, after all its the least I owe myself.

A whole new level of self-love has been unlocked, people. And perhaps this will set a whole new tone for life.

Anyway, more on this soon (I’m sure).

Till then, I’m ONLY sending good vibes your way!!

Happy Holidays!


Love & other Butterfly Effects

Love & other Butterfly Effects

Some books are so good that they demand to be re-read many times, sometimes its that one line, sometimes it those many chapters.  This one How to unleash your true potential by Shivam (don’t you just love the no second name name) is one such book.

For me, LIFE feels like a butterfly effect, where one seemingly insignificant event cascades into the next into the next, you encounter people (sometimes its as innocuous as a “follow” on social media), you meet puppies in traffic who brighten your day, you meet the butterflies who visit your office on a quiet day, all leading to unexpected effects on your day (and life).  If there’s one thing I’m sure of, its not a one time event, this life.  Its the little things, and the big things, its the horrible things and the blissfully perfect thing, its everything and its nothing without Love.

If a book gets my time more than once, I recommend it.

Happy Reading!


You are so enough

You are so enough!

Have you ever felt inadequate, like no matter how hard you’ve tried or how much good you’ve put into the world, it has somehow fallen short, like you missed the mark by just a bit. Have you ever felt depleted and exhausted because no matter what the efforts are, the results never seem to add up.

Well, welcome to the real world.  Pretty much every human being you have encountered in life has felt this way at some point.  Life can be harsh  & brutal, and when you least expect (or deserve) it.

Lets take the thing almost everyone has issues with – body and body image issues – growing up the beauty standards were that one had to be reed thin and almost androgynous to be considered attractive, and now suddenly the standard is curves curves curves.  Or take Eyebrows, growing up thin eyebrows with crazy high arches were in vogue (leaving you with a perpetual look of surprise) and now its the thick bushy “instagram” eyebrows that are in.  Same with fashion trends, same with beauty, same with values, same with everything.  I can think of many many examples like these, but that’s not the point of this post.  Just when one reaches the “Goal” of what is considered attractive/good/acceptable, the goal posts are moved.

It reminds me of the story of the donkey and the carrot, or the hamster and the wheel.  Basically pointless (on an individual level) and profits for Businesses.

My first question is when did we give away the power to someone else to set these “goals” for us.  How about we make the “goal” accepting what we see in the mirror, and setting realistic (achievable) goals for self-improvement.  Taking back the power.

You see, when you live in a society that constantly tells you that you’re not enough, and therefore not worthy of the things you most desire or aspire.  The biggest form of rebellion comes from realizing you are SO enough!

Its not ALL bad though or a constant battle, Life is also filled with unexpected beauty and kindness (if you still can’t find it, find the nearest mirror), and people who want the best for you, you just have to find your tribe is all.  But before you find your tribe, you have to figure out, accept, and celebrate you.

It took me 20 something years to stop needing validation from other people and realize that I am, in fact, enough (good enough, kind enough, pretty enough, lovely enough, <Enter adjective> enough).  When I liked me (and by like I mean, accept myself fully, as I am), it didn’t matter anymore if anyone else did (or not).

Take it from me, You are SO enough, and don’t let the world tell you otherwise.

I can talk about this forever, but for now have a Happy December!