Big Little things

Big Little Things

I always notice the (seemingly) little things, and take a mental snapshot of it to revisit when the world feels unkind. Be it the ritual of making tea on cold mornings and drinking it while reading the newspapers, or moments when you find new music that make you fall in love, or a quiet cab ride to work, or the anticipation of doing something fun. I collect these little moments, because I know that these aren’t little at all.

Today I found an old photograph of mine, clicked on my 14th Birthday, where I’m laughing. I don’t remember the exact thing that made me laugh, but I do remember how carefree life used to be, with only stars in my eyes, and highest of hopes for the world around me. Although that moment has long since passed, and I no longer have the same expectations of the world, but if I sit really still, close my eyes, and remember that moment, I can still feel as happy as my 14 year old self felt, our high school tales, our atrocious fashion sense, and the same starry eyed dreams. The human mind is a remarkable thing, it will remind you of beautiful memories when you most need them, so don’t forget to cherish the big little things, one day you’ll thank yourself for noticing them.

Happy Weekend!



CatchLight – #IAmNikon


One of my most cherished possessions is my Nikon, a Christmas gift to myself from two years ago, and I adore it.  I highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in photography, because no matter how superior your phone camera is, it is no comparison to the quality of photos clicked with an SLR.

My love for photos started when I realized that there are hardly any photos of mine as a baby and a little child, because back in the day clicking photos wasn’t as simple as busting out your phone.  Back then, one needed bulky (and often expensive) equipment, roll/film and after clicking it, you had to wait to get it developed and even then you’d probably be left with very few sharp images.  And a LOT of my baby pictures were taken by friends and family who thought I was a cute baby (what even?!). Anyway, irrespective of the reasons, I am left with very few photos from the years past.  Thank god for digital and point & shoot cameras and smartphones, everyone can be a photographer, the world is your canvas.

So there’s my motivation.  The reason why I am always ready to click or pose for photos.  After all when you know you’re making memories, you can’t help but want to preserve the best ones for a later day.  With platforms like Instagram and other photo sharing apps, our digital photo gallery will outlive us for all for all eternity. (oops, that sounded way darker than I thought or intended)

Happy Clicking and as always please share your Click-tips.

Peace & Love



CatchLight- Peace

One of the most peaceful moments of 2016 was on a weekend getaway to Bandipur. I stayed at the beautiful Serai Property where I got a cabin with a view of the hills.. My most memorable activity from that weekend was sitting quietly on the deck, looking at the hills, and hearing only the wind, birds and the cicadas. Since I am less than a week away from my next getaway, I can help but day dream about standing by the ocean, and breathing the salty air. But before that I still have two days of work..

Peace & Love



In exactly one month I will be celebrating a milestone birthday, the big Three-Oh, and unsurprisingly I am completely freaked out! I felt exactly this way when I was turning 20 (and now I think, awww how cute, that I was actually worried about turning 20!), when I realized I’ll never be a teen ever again, and THAT was a decade ago. Where does the time go?

Milestone birthdays always give me a bittersweet feeling, it makes me feel like time is passing me by so quickly, even though it happens one day at a time, and I always countdown big events, it still manages to catch me by surprise and I can’t help but wonder how I got here.

Anyway, after the surprise (shock) has subsided, I generally tend to feel a little sad that perhaps some of the most fun moments are behind me, but I hope to heaven that I’m wrong and whats coming is way better than what I’ve left behind. After all life is about moving forward, even if we do sometimes look back just to reminisce for a little while.

Nonetheless, my 20s have been (and still is for another month) a very memorable decade, so many firsts, so many memories made, so many epiphanies, its been wonderful so far, and as I sit here making plans for the coming month, I can’t help but think of some of my favorite moments of the last decade.

In my 20s, I –

  1. learnt how to drive;
  2. got my first tattoo;
  3. met my Best friend/sister in law school – I don’t know what I’d do without her;
  4. graduated from Law School;
  5. got my first job;
  6. had my BIG heartbreak, and survived it;
  7. re-connected with my other best friend, after almost 10 years (or more) of having lost touch – and boy am I blessed to have met him again;
  8. reconnected with many many old friends;
  9. drove in my first TSD car rally and won;
  10. battled with numerous insecurities and overcame most of them;
  11. did my first bungee jump;
  12. drove a tractor;
  13. started this blog – my own little corner of the internet, which gives me so much joy;
  14. tried my hand at teaching – a lifelong dream;
  15. finally learnt to swim;
  16. solo-traveled for the first time, don’t get what the fuss is all about, I enjoy travelling with loved ones more;
  17. learnt some pretty major “life-lessons”;
  18. started to actually enjoy good White Wines – and even have a favorite one;
  19. started painting more, and I realized I love it – maybe this will turn into something more substantial someday, only time will tell;
  20. learnt to crochet – and now making a scarf for myself;
  21. dealt with chronic back pain, and realized the biggest thing needed for recovery is TLC;
  22. learnt that I can perform miracles when I am kinder to myself, and forgave myself for all the times I wasn’t; and
  23. finally fell in love with myself – and started my life long romance..

I’m sure there are many more of my favorite highlights of the last decade and numerous “full-circle” moments, but for now this is a pretty good list!

I am looking forward to the next month to cherish these last few days of being a 20-something, I obviously intend to make the most of it.

Life sure is full of surprises, ten years ago I would’ve never believed this would be my life, and despite all the challenging moments, I would never change anything. I get to wake up as me, and that is pretty spectacular.


Until next time, embrace your life. This day will never happen again, make the most of it.

Love more.